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pretty good place to work

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i loved working here and the management is pretty good. the managers and the company as whole try their best to make everyone feel accepted. work load is pretty easy
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Too impatient to train new people

I loved this job, was very excited to get it but they did not bother to train me properly. If i did something wrong they would just take over for me and do the rest of the the task and tell me to wait in the corner for something else to pop up to do. They are extremely impatient and do not care for their staff. If they don’t get it in the first day the managers just treat you like garbage. They made snide comments and looked like they were speaking about me behind my back all the time. They even said they were considering to promote me to higher ups but then never bothered to train me on anything else, gave me less shifts or cancelled the ones i did have until i quit. I was then told by another coworker if you aren’t in the schedule system for a month you’re automatically fired which is what they were going to do to me instead of just telling me straight up that i am not doing a good job. they never went over anything with me or pulled me aside to give me feedback they just let me walk over the store looking confused and none of the other employees did anything because they were all too busy as they were understaffed. when i first got there they had a whole bunch of people quit at the same time. i should have taken that as a warning and never take the job.

Points positifs

good breaks, friendly coworkers.

Points négatifs

horrible, unorganized management. over worked staff.
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good for a first job.

good for a high school student as a starting job but is not a place to stay for the long term. no advancement is offered; low compensation, and very high turnover rates for both employees and managers.
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Very fun and relaxing environment

Worked as morning stock associate stocking the sales floor before opening the store making sure everything is neat and organized Assisting customers finding the right products.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Less hours
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Good merchandis discounts.

Working alone without help even when I asked for it. Not alot of work to do. Repetitive work. Must have a vehicle. Could use some feedback or any improvements in job performance. No training on the job. Excellent discounts on merchandising . There are advancement. I can always transfer to another location in city or another city or province. Very good location. Lots of good deals.

Points positifs

discounts, advancement, flexuble time off work

Points négatifs

Some heavy loads of work, work alone, extreme early morning shifts, need a car
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stuck in the back

I am a newer employee and after training I was put into the least busy section of the store to fold and clean the entire shift and no further training in any other section
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Social hangouts outside of work

Teamwork was a huge part of working at ON. Love the staff and management takes your schedules and concerns in mind all the time. Clean work place and very peaceful environment. Loved working there
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Horrible workplace

The gave me lot of shifts first year which is great. But the second year they gave me 1,2 shifts per month!! Sometimes, they call at 6am to need my help! Unstable work hour!! Managers always chatting, some are just expecting you work more they do. Store always bad, because of security that we get stolen every week at least 2 times!! Shifts got cut by managers to other employees. Forcing them to quit job!! Poor training.
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Okay place to work but not enough hours to go around. lots of nice people and very polite management. Customers can be very rude at time. gets very busy on weekends.
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Great management and good pay

Management was very flexible with scheduling and very understanding about schooling and exams. There are lots of opportunities to get raises and also volunteering opportunities.

Points positifs

Good pay, great management
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

6 mai 2019
Thank you for your positive comments! We understand there are things outside work that are important to our employees. We're happy you received tailored support from our management!

slow place

most shift goes in setting clothes in piles .. tiring and very unmotivated type of enviornment .. management was a mess. no perks and lesscommunication
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awesome co workers friendly management team got to perform various duties employee discounts staff was a diversity in age range, from highschoolers to 50+, good for mentoring and keeping things "balanced"

Points positifs

free lunches

Points négatifs

part time
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Fun work environment

Old Navy was good first experience as a sales associate for me. All my team members were very nice and easy to work with. However, if you're looking for a full time job, it might not be the place for you.

Points positifs

great work team

Points négatifs

worked no more than 20hrs a week
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Great environment with great staff

Wonderful place to work, very lenient with students and knowing school comes first. Managers are pleasant to be around and so are other co-workers. Easy and quick place to catch on to.

Points positifs

nice staff

Points négatifs

not many hours
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great atmosphere

It was a good place to work at. I enjoyed my time there. The managers are all very understanding, there is all positive vibes from the environment. Honestly you learn something new each and everyday.
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Good starter job

Work with lots of young people. Help customers with retail needs. Close to everything - Polo Park area. Maintaining tidiness - folding and hanging clothes.
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had no hours ,just lots to do with bad training just be throwing in the job even if u don't know what you're doing high turn over rate of staff, the main office is in the USA but take for ever to get stuff done
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fun to work

It is the best to place to work and the best management team and always customer friendly people with all up to time service, the hardest part of the job is when there is no customers because I am not able to show my skills.
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Fun place to work.

Fun work environment. Lots of folding. Great place for a first job. A good mix of high school students, university students and graduates work there making for a diverse mix of people.

Points positifs

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Old Navy

Once I step into Old Navy I find it a much more professional workplace than my last one However I was expecting to go somewhere and increasement of hours Old Navy hires a huge amount of people age ranging from high school to university and I find that people quit a lot and is not a long-term job I managed to be recognized for my visual language and display management However that was not good enough to get me somewhere because they were all occupied and depositions were solid My goal was to become a manager at Old Navy but because they failed to give me more shifts and provide me accordingly to my potential I would say that is a great workplace seasonally

Points positifs

50% off merchandise
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awful, would not reccomend

the staff treated me horrible and put all of the extra work on me and then said that i wasnt doing it fast enough when they werent doing anything at all. took me for granted and underpaid.

Points négatifs

not given enough hours when others were working 16 hour shifts, underpaid and treated poorly
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