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good management

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Boring job but good management and flexible schedules. I would recommend for high school/university students or anyone in general who doesn’t mind work that’s a bit boring but needs flexibility.
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Bad Management

The work is minimum wage, yet they tie sales metrics and push you to sell stuff. Only good thing about the job there pretty flexible with hours and such.
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Fun workplace

It’s a nice company to work for as a part time employee. The managers are friendly and cooperative. As a student you get basic pay and can earn your living easily. The work culture is amazing. I learnt a lot here especially the client serving. Most enjoyable part of the job is the employee discount.
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Worst company to work for

got gaslighted and no support from my GM and DM. Normal to work more then 7 days in a row. Hard to manage a work life balance. Under appreciated for hard work. Constantly criticized about work. Never given positive feedback. Would not recommend working here
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Fun workplace

My experience working at Old Navy was decent but long shifts with a whole lot of nothing to do. I spent a lot of time standing around and when I tried to sign up for shifts I was more interested in I would be turned down for someone who had been there longer, even when I was told picking up shifts was first come first serve.
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Underpaid dead end job

My time at this company has been extremely disappointing. The management team's sole focus on sales has created an environment where staff needs are overlooked and undervalued. Furthermore, the pay is significantly lower than what other companies offer for similar positions in the market. The lack of opportunities for career advancement is frustrating, as management positions are consistently filled by external hires, regardless of their incompetence or limited experience, compared to existing employees. It's disheartening to witness the disregard for dedicated and capable individuals within the company.

Points positifs

No dress code

Points négatifs

Stressful, underpaid, dead end and incompetent managers
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Fun and welcoming

Pay was okay but it was not a long term job for me. I worked for about 1 year and the people were really nice to me. I think it’s a good opportunity for summer jobs and it’s easy to balance with school.
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Fun and friendly environment

This is almost 3 years I’m in old navy and I don’t have any raise in my wage which be reasonable. Just some cents. We don’t have any insurance and if you work part time you will never grow. They don’t have any part time opportunity to grow.
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Fun work place

I really enjoy working at old navy, fun ambience, I learned a lot and meet a great people ok my journey from brand associate to Manager team. I will always be a Old Navy fan!
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This is the best retail store i have ever worked. Store Manager and assistant manager motivates people to work and do their best in the field where they want to excel at. They treat us like a family and they maintain a positive environment at workplace.
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Positive experience

Busy location. Organisation skills a benefit.Team work an important skill very fast paced store. Flexible working hours, good team management. Recommend as part time job

Points positifs

Team work

Points négatifs

fast paced rusher customer care
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Overall okay but expectations are a bit unrealistic when you have no payroll. Stores are impossible to maintain and the company does not want to invest into them.
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Great company!

I have had a lot of fun working for them and with them. I Would definitely recommend the job for students or newcomers, and would consider going back if I ever needed.

Points positifs

Great environment and culture

Points négatifs

You have to work on the weekends and holidays
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excellent team and friendly environment

The manager give relevant information abut the sales and then you play the role of the day, as a cashier, shipment, replanishment and so on. The downside, there are a lot of shoplifters and you have to be ready to follow the procedures.
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fun workplace

it was a fun workplace to work in because there was a diverse workplace culture and there was a lot to do and learn in such a workplace. learned a lot.
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

26 juillet 2019
Diversity and inclusion are one of our core values. We are happy to know this was reflected in your experience. Thank you for sharing.

Fun workspace

Great place to work overall. Fast paced and very demanding but the staff you work with is excelent and very fun to work with. They should pay you better specially in certain positions that are more fisically demanding. Downside is you'll not have a fixed amount of hours per week (meaning your monthly income is variable), depends of how many hours they have to give and the people they have available to work.

Points positifs

Fixed breaks

Points négatifs

Demanding and low salary
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

26 juin 2019
We understand scheduling may be a pain point for some employees. We're working diligently to improve how we staff our stores, making sure we're putting our time, talent, and energy where it needs to be. Thank you for sharing.

Nice managers and co-workers

I enjoyed working for Old Navy, typical day at work consists of folding clothes, servicing customers, operating fitting rooms. I've improved my customer service skills. The hardest part of the job is keeping the tables nicely folded and organized when the store was really busy. But overall I liked working for Old Navy because my co-workers and managers were super friendly and I felt comfortable.

Points positifs

Friendly environment

Points négatifs

Not enough employees working on some days
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

20 juin 2019
We love hearing this. We understand the value of teaching our employees skills they can use, on and off the job. Thank you for sharing your positive experience in Vancouver, BC!

Management Not Great

Management was messy, schedules always posted late. Training was very basic and not thorough. Questions were met with ignorance from managers. Mainly relied on coworkers to learn anything.
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

28 mai 2019
We appreciate your comments regarding training. We take this feedback to heart and are working on new development programs and resources for our employees. Thank you for sharing.

Work Hard Play Hard

Great company to work up the ladder. Upper Management plays favorites but if you can work with it, and through it you will get far. Work hard, and you will be able to play hard.
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

1 mars 2019
We are fully committed to the development of our employees and are glad your experience reflects this. Thanks for sharing!

Great experience.

I enjoyed working there. Fun environment, great manager. I never forget him. If customer would enter the store could not recognize who is the employee a who is the store manager. He was there on the floor working with all of us.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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Management Team

Young manager that dont have enough mature or work experience to lead people. Not all of them, but some dont behavior properly according to their position.
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