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Toronto, ON106 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Fun if you have a good team

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If you enjoy talking with lots of people this would be a great jib for you! If not, it might be difficult. Also depends on the team that you’re with.
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Did a co-op placement years ago

Was a hectic environment for a highschool student. I had to decline a job offer there due to me not feeling ready, but my co-op placement was a nice experience. the employees were very helpful and kind to me.
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Easy work but management is difficult to deal with

Good place to start and you can get experience in a variety of areas. There isnt much in terms of upward mobility even if you want it. Hard work isnt appreciated much.
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Fun and great team environment

Cares about employees and have a Great team environment for beginners, if you are interested in learning visual merchandising it’s a good place to start.
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Team, Challenges, Repetition

Working at Old Navy has its ups and downs. The management and coworkers are great, fostering a supportive atmosphere. However, dealing with rude customers can be draining, and the job can feel repetitive with tasks like folding clothes and restocking shelves. Your experience will depend on your patience.
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Would rather be on EI than going to work for that company 40 hours a week.

What is the best part of working at the company?Nothing good about working for Old NavyWhat is the most stressful part about working at the company?Long hours, disaster of a store, poor upper management, no thank yous from upper management, people in roles that shouldn’t be in roles What is the work environment and culture like at the company?Draining, belittling, tiring !!What is a typical day like for you at the company?Stressful, exhausting, unfulfilling
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Overworked and Nothing Special

It's like every retail stores out there. The employees are chill and discount is cool but that pretty much it. You work more than what you get pay for. Higher ups are apathetic towards their store level employees and it shows
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Great place to work

The staff and manager were very nice. I really liked the job and learned a lot. Miss the staff and became good friends with them after I left the job.
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Old navy is productive and wonderful place to work.

It was a wonderful experience working with old navy.The store manager and all the other managers were very cooperative and helpful .The atmosphere of working in old navy was cool.The team working in old navy was very cooperative.Enjoyed working shipments early in mornings and late nights too.Working on inventory days was a very good experience.The store manager was also very guinune and cooperative.

Points positifs

No free lunches were provided

Points négatifs

Yes they provide good hrs per week
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Back breaking

Very tough environment and not what they sell it as being. Incredibly heavy amount of work without enough staff to complete it, very stressful, saw many leaders burn out and go on stress leave or resign.
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immature managers

that’s mangers r immature, they get hired straight outta high school never worked a day with “adults” … just too much drama abs toxic… good if ur a student
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They use and abuse

The top managers are power hungry idiots who will throw people under the bus to make themselves look good. The other employee's are great and since there is a lot of turnover you meet many interesting people. The staff discount is good.
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excellent work place

its a great work place which allows you to grow. The managers are really helpful and supports you to learn on daily basis, Overall its a great workplace.

Points positifs

learning environment

Points négatifs

limited hours
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No hours

Hours are not consistent. Full time positions only go to employees with open availability and only minimum wage is offered. Employees who once received full time hours no longer get them because the hours are now going to the full time employees who are mostly new hires.
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productive and fun place

i enjoyed my time here, fun staff to work with. management was ok, always picked favorites . never enough staff scheduled so overworked easily especially if busy

Points positifs

fair breaks

Points négatifs

low pay
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Great place

Loved it, would definitely recommend. Management was great and actually cared about their employees. Great environment and very good entry job. One of the better retail stores ive worked at.

Points positifs

good management

Points négatifs

stores get messy fast
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Fun workplace

It was fun to meet people in fast paced environments. But there are limited room to grow and customers were not greatIf you like to work in face paced retail space it’s good place to start I think
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Fun place to work , but needs improvement

Old navy Is a great place to work wore beginners . Coworkers are extremely friendly . However , always short staffed . Expect to be in the fitting room, the salesfloor, and cash all in one shift .
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It was Okay

Okay for temporary summer job, but otherwise it was super busy and hard to get hours. Some supervisors were just rude but just don't take them too seriously.

Points positifs

Flexible hours

Points négatifs

Rude supervisors
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Easy and chill

My first day was terrible and honestly traumatized me, I had barely any support or training they had just put me on the floor with no instructions. After a couple of shifts, I got the hang of it and started to enjoy my time here a bit more. The point is it gets better. Coworkers were nice and helpful, however have heard some shady stuff about the managers

Points positifs

Flexible Schedule
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wouldn't recommend it. Terrible management and zero advancements. A lot of gossiping from other general managers to other managers. do you need to have an availability of 20 hours per week and you may get scheduled one three hour shift per week

Points positifs

Discount and people

Points négatifs

management A lot of gossiping. No career advancement.
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