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Mississauga, ON65 avis

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A typical day at work would be getting on the sales floor and finding customers to assist or organizing merchandise. You could also be called to cash if you're trained or to the fitting room to assist with putting merchandise back on the floor.
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Had a great time working at the company. Lots of room for growth as long as you work hard. Great discount for all GAP stores too. If you love working in a team, this is the place to be.
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Unfair, Rude management

They gave way too many hours and never paid enough. The managers were rude and would talk about you behind your back. There was definitely favourites and they made it obvious. There was only one manager that was sweet. Overall wouldn’t recommend
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I have nothing good to say. Not a good company to work for. No work life balance. Stressful most of the time No hours for staff! And too much pressure with no positive feedback
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If you want to make as little money as possible with managers constantly nagging you, than go ahead, work here ....

They never stop talking and complaining on the "walkie-talkie" that you must have strapped-on your ear the entire shift.I have to hear middle-age women complain and cry my entire shift, right inside my ear.They need to give Employees more freedom and responsibilities rather than constantly nagging at us.I had a more positive time dealing with customers than my managers.Customers would treat you with dignity/respect, managers would constantly berate you and all the employees.
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Every season there is a new management team so that says some thing for the company. They have favourites for sure
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Decent company hit hard by COVID, and new rules and quotas make the job not so fun

The company itself is okay. Pretty bad quality clothes but it is what it is. Due to covid we've been hit really hard with barely any shifts and unless you learn everything (Cash, Fitting Room and Salesfloor) you're not getting shifts.Managers are okay but are very hivemind and picky so if you're on one of their bad sides you're on all of their bad sides which is weird. The new loyalty program is going to be the nail in the coffin for me though. We have "quotas" that we need to make and it benefits the sales associate nada, but it's because the GMs have quotas of their own to fulfill for their higher ups or else they get mad at the GMs. Sucks though because it kills the natural conclusion to a conversation and it absolutely sucks anyways. A $1000 dollar purchase gets you $10 dollars off your next purchase. Not a lot of people spend $1000 dollars anywhere and sure it's 10 dollars off, but the effort to sell:benefit ratio just isn't there. If we were compensated for hitting the quota or were compensated PER customer that we get on it - it'd be a lot better, but as of now it's just a waste of time system for the higher ups to get paid more.

Points positifs

Paid 15 minute breaks, A lot of leniency in terms of scheduling, Coworkers are all fun and bubbly, Talking to customers is easy and enjoyable, Take time off whenever you want, Easily get shifts taken and vice versa

Points négatifs

A lot of responsibilities for senior staff, no pay raises, Sometimes 0 shifts at all in the week, Managers are very picky and only like a couple people, Loyalty program is terrible and kills natural conversations with customers, Loyalty program "quota" that if you don't meet they complain constantly, No compensation whatsoever for getting people to sign to the loyalty program
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The job was all right but the people you work with is what makes it all worth it.

The job was all right but the people you work with is what makes it all worth it. If you do your job and follow the rules you will be fine and go far. There is no room for advancement

Points positifs

They work with your school schedule

Points négatifs

Limited hours per week
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Great job

Job was greatHowever not much to do Duties only were to fold and clean up Pay was good for a student Wouldn't recommend this job as it is not that great and you actually count down how much time is left until you go home. Really boring job.
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Not terrible for a part time job

Typical part-time retail job, no real benefits except discount on clothes and shift exchanges. Customers can be difficult but its a learning experience.

Points positifs

Flexible hours, discount

Points négatifs

Bad management (depends)
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Productive and fun place to work.

Great experience working there. Expect to work . I also experienced being promoted after working there after a year and a half to a position in Loss Prevention.

Points positifs

Lots of opportunities to learn new positions

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Pays well but not enough outside experience in upper field

I just find that there is too much direction from the people that work behind a desk. We have to touch the same merchandise up to 4 times. A lot of time wasted. Payroll is almost non existent. Big store and only 1 leader and 2 associates to run it!

Points positifs

pays well

Points négatifs

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It does not matter if you have worked for the company for over a year; the management still gives opportunities to employees they like the best. The opportunities given have nothing to do with job performance and are solely based on how managers feel about you on a personal level. I was let go from the company because of managers' personal feelings towards me, meanwhile others who continue to break the rules and commit offences are exempt from being punished as a result of their personal relationships with managers and leaders. If a proper internal review was conducted on managers, leaders, and employees; there would be only a few workers who would still have their jobs after that process was completed. If you are someone who likes to be fake, and suck up to your bosses, this is the right job for you.
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productive, busy and fun

workplace very productive, always busy and its a workplace culture environment. face-passed environment can engage with other employee and customers, learning from one another
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A fun job experience, depending on the management

Working there was great, I loved the fun and youthful energy of the team. Some managers were super fun to work with and learn from, while other managers at the time lowered the moral of the store. It was a good student job experience.
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helped customers find correct sizes on the sales floor. managed the change rooms and cleaned floors and tables. Fast paced environment especially during sales
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sales associate

cool people. deffs not a job you keep for life but if you just need something temp then it's fine. can't say much about the pay because i left when minimum wage was still 10 dollars...
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The equipment we needed to do our job efficiently never worked. We would have minimal time to finish our tasks whilst using faulty equipment. We would then be penalized for not getting the job done on time. Old Navy needs to invest in better equipment for the Shipment/Logistics team and stop setting unrealistic expectations for their employees.

Points positifs

Coworkers, shipment manager, early morning shifts, rest of the day off

Points négatifs

Other management, broken equipment, unrealistic expectations
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

26 juillet 2019
We appreciate your comments. We will keep your points in mind as we continue our work to bring positive change across the organization.

Fun work place

Learning work place, team work and well managed. understanding team. Everyone went out of their way to help you on anything you needed it. Managers treated us so well.
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

28 mai 2019
We're so glad to hear this! We work hard to create a work environment in which everyone is willing to roll-up their sleeves and contribute. Thank you for your great feedback.


The hours i did get were minimal, I would have weeks without and shifts, and weeks where I would only have 1 shift. I came with minimal training and due to high volume of workers, it has caused me to have no shifts
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

24 janvier 2019
We understand that scheduling can be a pain-point for some of our employees. We're constantly working to improve how we staff our stores, making sure we're putting our time, talent, and energy in the right places at the right times. Thank you for your review.

Fun workplace, high intensity

Management is great to work with, really care about their employees and try to make work fun and enjoyable! The hardest part of the job is folding jeans to manager's satisfaction and dealing with some customers that argue about signage in the store. The signage is a reoccurring issue with the company that makes customers very angry.

Points positifs

Great colleagues and management; friendly and welcoming environment

Points négatifs

Short hours, limited days as a part-timer
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