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Edmonton, AB57 avis

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Really enjoyed working here. Management was great. They do expect a lot from their employees. That being said, I enjoyed my time there and it taught me some life skills.
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Boring, bad pay.

Old Navy is not a great place to work. The work is not very engaging, and the compensation is frankly awful. Barely above minumum wage with no benefits for part time employees. There is some potential for growth, but they don't even raise your pay when they promote you to "Senior Lead." I could only recommend this job to a very inexperienced person looking to build skills dealing with customers.

Points positifs

Cheap clothes.

Points négatifs

Mindnumbing, thoughtless work. Unprofessional management. Compensation that makes you wish you were unemployed.
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Good starting place for retail

Working here wasn't bad at all, my cowworkers were friendly and my managers liked to keep a good distance which I think is respectable. Some days it's very chaotic and other days it's soooo very slow it just depends on what shift you're working
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Fun and great experience

Working there was an overall good experience with customer service, the works there are helpful and willing to teach. Manager was cool and helpful too would check up on you.
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Good but stressful as a first job

I thought it would be easy working in retail but it hit me pretty hard. Worked as a seasonal associate and was always dealing with rush and rude customers. Managers were nice but not very good at traning people.
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Fun place to worm

Good high-school job. Easy work and management was friendly. I would recommend to anyone as a first job. Some variety as you can work cash, fitting rooms, or sales floor.
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It's just like every other megacorp

Their employee incentives are artificial and built to placate instead of actually improving the environment. Any manager that advocates for their staff is incidental and not encouraged by corporate. They prefer high turnover fast paced workplace instead of a tight-knit knowledgeable group of workers. Not really all that remarkable, just like any massive corporation.
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Fun workplace but no growth

It is a fun workplace, happy environment but bo growth if you are looking for some growth. Less hours you will get in every low season.

Points positifs

Happy environment

Points négatifs

Less hours in low season
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Clicky and Unhelpful

Upper management is mean spirited. I can't recommend working for this company. It has been a hurtful and added no value to my career or everyday life, despite my best efforts.
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Decent place to work

Not a bad place to work. The management was nice. The discount was good. I did early morning stock, and my schedule would constantly change. They also were allows texting me about coming in the day of for extra coverage.
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Little to no hours

They might not give you enough hours to cover the gas it takes to drive there.Second week in, and they cut our hours. If you desperately need a job and/or experience, give it a shot, otherwise, leave it alone and keep searching.Good luck to the job hunters out there!
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Too much work but not getting paid enough

Asking to do so much but won’t pay you enough. Very little training on the salesfloor yet they expect you to know everything on your first day. They expect you to understand everything they say on the walkie. Some co workers are helpful but some will get annoyed when you ask them questions or help.
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Fast paced, with room to grow

Super fast paced job. Must be able to keep up with multiple ongoing priorities. Must be able to go with business needs when it comes to schedule. Pay is low for the amount of work expected and required. Very high expectations, with minimal pay.

Points positifs

Fast paced, lots of development, room to grow

Points négatifs

last minute schedule changes, demanding work load, little pay, raises hardly a thing.
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Toxic management

In the beginning working here was alright, but once they had new management it was a disaster. If you’re a student and seem as though you prioritize anything else over working, they’ll automatically dislike you and cut your hours. They only want people who live and breathe for the company.
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Okay place

It wasn’t bad I worked there for a year honestly workplace culture depends on management. There is some favouritism from certain managers and that can determine your hours. The discount was very generous though.
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Super nice people good opportunity to move up

Worked here for 4 years now super slow in January but the rest of the year it’s nice. The people are awesome and it’s an easy job. If you are a good worker you have the chance to move up quickly. Relatively an easy going job

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Points négatifs

Minimum wage
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It's alright

Management can be cliquey. But otherwise a great place to work. Not much opportunity to move up. They do have fun themed days on specific days of the week.
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Not bad

kind of stressful work environment. You have to dealing with rude customers. Some of the managers are not connnected well with employees. But the coworkers are nice.

Points positifs

Free snacks

Points négatifs

Long hours sometimes with many shifts and sometims with none
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Fun fun fun

Great place to work, really great management and co-worker. Fast paced. Opportunity for advancement. Training was great. Treated fairly and felt secure in my job.
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Not what it seemd

I have been a "lead" for a while now. I've moved from stores and they always promote "it's about our people".. honestly b.s. I have seen countless managers treat others like garbage. The environments are toxic because of the managers. The last store I worked at was the second time I had seen a manager come from outside of the company, get treated like garbage, have to deal with gossip and get mo support and then quit or leave. The GM's are allowed to act like children treating their subordinates like they are beneath them when it's their assistants that are making them look good. I've seen associates passed over for promotions because they arent a favorite. I have been in 3 different stores and seen this so it's not bias. I couldn't do it anymore. This last manager, was hard working, went above and beyond for my coworkers and I to stay positive and have fun. She gave us little rewards. She always talked positively about the GM and the other assistants although o would hear the things they said about her not only to eachother but some of the staff that were supposed to become leads.. they may be now I dont know I left. If you're cliquey and can fit in it's a great place I just couldnt stomach the stuff I've seen and nothing gets done about it. Thank God I don't have to go there another day.

Points positifs

Discounts, volunteer or charity stuff

Points négatifs

Gossip, cliquey, toxic managers, toxic culture behind closed doors
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They never communicate with me, and never trying to work with me, and also they never let me know that when and what time for on schedule to be prepare work. F*CK THEM! they are discrimistration!

Points positifs

Discounts if you buy the clothes

Points négatifs

Horrible bosses and supervisors
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