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Cambridge, ON11 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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I have found a lot of great people working at Old Navy. It's been a great place to wet my feet after being off with my children. The hours are quite flexible and the pace is busy enough to make the time go by quickly.
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Worst place to work

Expected to work when you’ve shown doctors notes/need time off/sick etc. Expected to do tasks outside job description ie. jobs of a manager, custodian etc and u Will NOT be paid any extra for it. They will get u in trouble for No showing on shifts that we’re not in ur availability and or shifts you needed off and said u couldn’t make it to WEEKS in advance. They give hours on a favouritism basis and make u prioritize them and not school, family emergencies etc. DRAINS THE ABSOLUTE life out of u to the point where u need to take a mental leaves of absence and then they complain about you needing time off. Management gets time off when ever but staff does not. They promise u promotions etc and then give it to some one else and when u bring it to their attention they play stupid.

Points positifs

Long and multiple breaks, and 50% off discount

Points négatifs

Horrible management, hours & pay.
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Loved working at old Navy fun positive environment. All managers were good at working together as a team . I loved working with my team and motivating my team to be better and love their job .
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Cohesive workplace with fantastic team members

Old Navy is a great place for a first job or to grow with the company. They provide a fun and safe work environment where business makes sense. Shifts are scheduled with employees in mind. Personal life is taken in to consideration and they strive for a work/life balance.

Points positifs

free lunches on occasions
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Was not the best to have as when it is dead you just fold clothes for hours and don't get to talk with other people working there so you get very bored folding by yourself
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good times

Good entry level position. lots of cleaning and organizing of clothing sections. Lots of fun over the holidays while during the busiest season of the year
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Upbeat and fun environment for every employee.

Being my first job, I couldn't have asked for anything more. It was upbeat, productive, and welcoming. The people were amazing, everyone helped each other out, and it was always a good day. The work was fast-paced, you weren't ever bored, there was always something to keep you busy. The customers were understanding, and kind and regular faces remembered you. It was a healthy environment and a great place to enter the retail industry.

Points positifs

Always smiling, never a dull moment. The shop is a fun place, as well as the people in it.

Points négatifs

On your feet a lot. If not a lot of customers were there, it often became difficult for a lot of employees to work at the same time.
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the most hardest part of my job and the most enjoyable

Old Navy was a great experience for me. The benefits that I got from it was I got excellent customer service experience and cashier. The most enjoyable part of my job is how the employees and management are really respectful and kind and the toughest part about my job was cashier I wasn't really good at that until now they give you great training.

Points positifs

great management and employees

Points négatifs

short hours
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Lots of opportunity for advancement and great employees to work with

I have learned quite a lot about the retail sector, i have learned the different ways to calculate and forecast sales as well as what it takes to be a good leader. My co-workers are fantastic people to work with, they are always in such positive moods and are great team players! They have really made my experience that much better working here. The most enjoyable part about my job is seeing and being apart of the employee development side, since i first see the new hires as they are brand new, all the way through their orientation and training its remarkable to see how the grow and development new skills and knowledge as well as what they bring to the table as their own.

Points positifs

Great atmosphere

Points négatifs

unpredictable schedule
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Productive and enjoyable workplace with very kind and outgoing employees

My overall review of this workplace, Old Navy of Cambridge, ON, would have to be, this is the one place I felt most comfortable with my surroundings. Nobody judges you with negativity, you can be yourself without worries, and if you mess up, all you need to do is start fresh and nobody says a thing about it. I was never judged negatively, and was always given positive compliments on my hard work. I think that I helped them make customers proud to be shoppers there.

Points positifs

Kind employees

Points négatifs

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Innovative & interactive workplace experience.

Old Navy provided a comfortable, fun and innovative work environment. The employees were a helpful group of team members who encouraged each other and interacted positively. The hardest part of the job was ensuring that customers were properly informed and satisfied while also having several other tasks to maintain. The most enjoyable part of the job was meeting new people, learning new skills and taking on new and innovative projects.
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