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Calgary, AB80 avis

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Unsure if it's still the same as when I worked there last, but old navy has a weird, cult-like culture for its stores. Names for all the customers that come in, drink the kool-aid kind of training. Most of the people who worked there were awesome, but so much fighting with store managers.
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helpful as a first job.

Helps you familiarize with customer and employee relations, concepts and marketing strategies. Benefits enable you to explore advantages working under such big company.
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great experience builder

good for anyone looking for experience. you get too meet a lot of people. it is a great company to work for. they care about their associates. you will have fun
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good job with lots to do

old navy focuses on employees by giving flexible work hours and friendly management. it has a reputation for being hard work due to customer demands, but it is usually repetitive regarding service and fixing store merchandise.

Points positifs

friendly management

Points négatifs

sometimes boring
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Each day is something new

Working for Gap inc. you need to be on the tip of your toes each and every day. Plans change in a blink of an eye and you need to be on top of it. Working for them you really learn how to multitask.
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Ideas and culture were great.

I enjoyed the company, but the some directives stores took weren't extremely accommodating.It is a fast paced company that keeps you on your toes and always moving.
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Chaotic but Decent Workplace

-Coworkers were friendly, lots of bonding over rude customers and the disastrous state of the store. -Few hours if you aren't cash/fitting room trained and if the managers don't really know you. However, once trained, if you're good at what you do you can expect several shifts a week. -Lots of short shifts to avoid giving employees breaks -Pretty easy and monotonous once you figured out how things worked.
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customer service

organization,shipment, customer service skills, cleaning,markdowns, Price adjustments, great employees, awesome atmosphere. Wish there was more hours.

Points positifs

nice customers

Points négatifs

not enough hours
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A great place for part time workers/students

The typical day at Old Navy I the same as any retail job but is great but is a fun place to work if you are looking for a part time job.

Points positifs

relaxed, good music

Points négatifs

sometimes is slow and boring
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Poor work environment overall

The company policies regarding employee work standards are very bad. Even with open schedule, their part time hours offered are less than 9hours per week. They hire more people so each person is not scheduled more than 3hours per shift in order to save time on breaks. Wage is bare minimum for provincials standards. Company emphasizes on "Urgency" motto, department managers interpret it as being super speedy and constantly time sales associates on their speed at folding/processing or at the register. There is a lot of pressure and constant complain to show more urgency, when infact there is an insufficient number of people working on the floor at a given time. This place is not age or physical disability friendly, older aged sales associates are let go because they don't fit the urgency standard.

Points positifs

better than no job, very short shifts(3 hours), employee discount

Points négatifs

Low pay, poor management, 3 hour shifts to waste no time for breaks, expect to work super fast, more focus on processing and little on customer service, stores don't look clean because of short staffing
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An okay place to work if you want to clean for the rest of your life

-Was promised advancement, never got it, instead they cut my hours IN HALF and gave those hours to ANOTHER cleaning lady, after claiming I wasn't getting enough done in the 3 hours a day 3 days a week they forced me to endure. -Enjoyable part of the job is working with no one else in the store -Hardest part of the job is managements standards, and management. Wouldn't give me the necessary time to do my job better and instead gave extra hours to my coworkers, complained about my advanced salary (they gave me $12 an hour instead of minimum wage) when I didn't even ask for it -I learned nothing, other than being a cleaner here was a dead end job.

Points positifs

management is flexible

Points négatifs

not enough hours, promises not being met, management is hard to deal with
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Productive, Fun Workplace

A typical day is just very simple, You go in and clock in then you look for the manager on duty and go through the sales or changes we have for the day and the manager would tell you where she'd like to you to work for the day. I learned to be cash trained.
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Low hours, no breaks... on purpose.

Old Navy is a really relaxed place to work. Don't get me wrong, its nice. No strict dress code, no sales tracking but, they will not tell you the truth during your interview. You will get 3-4 hour shifts (bare minimum legally) so they dont have to give you breaks. Seriously. With this mix of low hours, minimum wage, you won't be able to survive unless you're a teenager working for some spending money.

Points positifs

Relaxed, not a lot of work

Points négatifs

short hours, low pay
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Good people to work with

A typical day at work would be folding and organizing clothes as well as checking people out at cash. The management has gone downhill, and it is evident in the way our store looks. The hardest part of this job is looking at the store and how dirty it can get, as well as realizing where the management is failing and having nothing no say in it at all because of your status. Only thing I enjoy about this job is working with my co workers and being able to help customers.

Points positifs

Good co-workers, 25% off discount at ON, 50% off at Banana Republic and Gap

Points négatifs

no hours, terrible management
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Whimsical Workplace

A typical day at work is full of trending music, kids playing and long lines of shoppers in our store. My job is to make sure every customer is having the most pleasant experience possible, while also protecting our store from loss. I am an LP Associate, Sellebrity and Fitologist. This means I am specially trained to help customers not only find the right item, but spend extra time going over different fits and training them on care of their clothing items. My co-workers are friendly, funny and upbeat - together we keep the store full of laughter! Days when everyone is getting along and having fun, is the most enjoyable part of the job there. The lease enjoyable part is the customers who decide they don't like what our signs say and "can I talk to a manager?" is a sentence that makes us all cringe. But, since we're in business to make sure everyone leaves happy, we work together as a team to appease said customers and keep our store safe.
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This position was terrible!

It's not easy for me to dislike a job, but the Old Navy I worked for was Awful! The manager talked down to me repeatedly, but spoke with everybody else normally, put me on the "easy, out of the way" jobs.
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awesome company

We unload the product from 6am-8am then we clean up the store for about a half an hour so that the store is ready for the customers when the doors open at 9am, then a co-worker and I will run all the cardboard and garbage to its rightful places, then I am done my day.

Points positifs

early hours

Points négatifs

short hours
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Fast-paced and always multi-tasking

Clock in, talked to management on what your duties where for the day. (Cashier, Sales floor, Back of house) then you would take your usual breaks and just let management tell you what to do. The co-workers were close with one another and had there differences but always got the job done. Making sure your section was clean working with the people and team building.
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Fun place to work and engaing staff members

open and closing the sunridge location counting all money in the safe and tills training and orientate all staff scheduling I enjoy people, so working in customer service comes naturally to me. I personally felt the most enjoyable part of the job was assisting customers who had a negative experience and hopefully by the end of our transaction they have had a positive and mind changing experience. I learned how to communicate with all types of people, from all backgrounds and all walks of life. It is very rewarding when you can get your customer exactly what they wanted from their experience.

Points positifs

Getting to know and training new staff

Points négatifs

high turn over in management, lack of leadership in senior roles
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Fun place to work at

I loved working as ON, great atmosphere, fun staff. The only thing I wasn't a fan of was signage and how customers can't read.

Points positifs

fun atmosphere
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