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Calgary, AB80 avis

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Unsure if it's still the same as when I worked there last, but old navy has a weird, cult-like culture for its stores. Names for all the customers that come in, drink the kool-aid kind of training. Most of the people who worked there were awesome, but so much fighting with store managers.
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Garbage run store with garbage people and garbage opportunities

The branch I worked at was crud. Complete crud. For the 3 horrific months I worked for this place, I was treated like trash by uncaring management who was uninterested in anything regarding my job other than making sure it was done. I asked for more hours after management complained I wasn't doing enough in the time I was given. Was told they'd consider it. Instead, they cut my hours, gave half my job to someone else, and then complained that they hired me at a rate they didn't want to pay (even though I told them minimum wage was fine). I consistently showed up on time for my shift and was constantly left out in the pouring rain or freezing snow because management couldn't be bothered to show up on time, and refused to give me access to the store with a key and alarm code. I once went home after waiting for 1 hour of my 3 hour shift for someone to showed up, called and texted three different people, and no one showed up. I quit because I received a better offer, told them I quit because of health reasons because I was honestly too afraid to tell them the truth. The manager made it very awkward for me, and forced me to write a note of resignation even though I hadn't been there for 90 days yet. No Pros, only Cons.
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Fun place to work at

The store can get busy at times, but employees always work together and help each other out to get the job done. Management is nice and the managers help employees out. It was a nice working environment.
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

22 mars 2019
We're so glad you felt supported by our management. Thanks for sharing your experience in Calgary!

If you like working in Merchandising, this is the place to be

This was my first job working in a clothing store. I was hired on for Logistics and Merchandising, meaning that shipments of clothing would be delivered and the shipment to be received so we can place the product on the floor. The shifts were in the morning starting at 5 or 6am and they were really fun to work. I enjoyed the people that I worked with and it we were always busy. I really enjoyed the visual changes we had to make and it was a good position to work in as a student. The job did lose its appeal once a new manager had taken over the store. I was not given any shifts for weeks, up to months when the new manager started. It was hard to get shifts and to cover shifts because none would be available. After a few months, it was time to move on and find another job because the manager would not schedule me for any shifts. I tried to work part time for Old Navy and part time at another job because I liked working with the people at Old Navy but it just didn't work out.
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

18 mars 2019
We appreciate your comments regarding scheduling. We understand scheduling can be a pain point for some of our employees. We'll continue our hard work to improve how we staff our stores, ensuring we're putting our time, talent, and energy in the right places at the right times. Thank you for sharing.

Busy and beneficial

Very busy place. High demand products and service. Must be able to work and adapt quickly to the environment. The company is like a large family! You will meet some amazing people and learn so much.

Points positifs

discounts on all gap related merchandise

Points négatifs

not a lot of scheduled work days.
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

14 janvier 2019
We're happy to hear this. Thanks for sharing your experience as a Sales Associate!

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Lacking Culture

For a multi-million dollar corporation, it was disappointing to work for this company. While their training lasted 2 weeks, there were several missed opportunities for the content that should be provided for employees. There was no training on customer service , scenario sessions, how to upsell, etc. There also seemed to be some power struggles with the management of the store. Hours were constantly being cut due to missed target goals. Which in turn demotivated employees, created a I-dont-care culture. Service standards were never displayed by store manager and trust was a big issue for front line staff.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Shifts beong cancelled frequently.
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

18 janvier 2019
Thank you for your feedback. We believe in investing in the future of our employees and setting them up for success. We are committed to offering plenty of resources to employees to help them improve their skills, regardless of the category they're in. We will keep your feedback in mind as we continue to drive positive change and develop new resources to help our team succeed.

Great environment and great people

It is a great place to gain experience, you learn something new every day. You get what you give, what I enjoyed the most was seeing my clients happy.
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

18 septembre 2018
We're so happy to hear this! It's important to us to teach skills that our employees can use to be successful not only at Gap Inc., but throughout their careers.

unorganized management

typical work day is very hectic and stressful, the store is very dirty at all times. I learned how to deal with stressful situations in a calm manner. The old navy management crew were very nice people although they lacked professionalism at times and it was difficult to get in contact with them about scheduling changes.
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

18 septembre 2018
Thank you for leaving a review; we appreciate hearing your feedback. We understand scheduling can be a pain point among some of our store employees. We are constantly working to improve how we staff our stores to ensure we're putting our time, talent, and energy at the right places at the right times.

Fast paced environment

Old Navy is a great starter job. However the salary isn't competitive and there isn't much room for advancement. They also don't train you very well or make it clear what the standard is.

Points négatifs

inconsistent shifts
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Decent place to work for retail

Old Navy is a decent company to work for with advantages and disadvantages. As a company in the retail sector it is one of the better ones to work for overall.
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good strong environment

strong team culture if ur looking to get into a workplace thats fasted paced always on your feet then old navy is the right place for u i honestly love working for old navy
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Fun, energetic, caring environment and workplace.

Old Navy was a fun, energetic place to work. I enjoyed all my co-workers and members of management were professional and friendly. I would definitely recommend Old Navy to anyone looking for employment.
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Great people to work with

spending my work day folding and hanging clothes makes me feel like home. as a mother of three boys i have become a pro at folding and hanging clothes. the management there are easy to talk to.

Points positifs

Friendly staff

Points négatifs

not enough hours
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Pushy management

The expectations of the managers be that you are available 24/7 which does not give you the availability to have a work/life balance. They are not flexible about this part of the position but they do not tell you about this expectation/requirement until after you are offered the role. They are very disorganized regarding scheduling as well which makes the ability to be available 24/7 very difficult if you have any restrictions in your life (take transit, have children or pets that require care when you are working, have requests for time off).

Points positifs

Good discounts
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bad management

does not care for employees, no raise but unbelievable work load, setup with no options of saying no. Promotions that do not include raises. Management is terrible.
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Mismanaged with no room for growth

-company is very mismanaged -there is no room for growth -company gives very low wages and low hours -very irresponsible staff and management -rules are not followed by management (hypocrisy)
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hard working

very fast, while working on the floor helping customers you are always running around, extra running because most of the products are not organized properly.

Points positifs

nice people

Points négatifs

minimum with long hours
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Fast pace work environment and fun to work in a team to complete the day to day tasks.

It was a great experience working at Old Navy. I had learned a lot while working at the store such as; how to work well under pressure, complete the given task within the limited time, deal with the angry customers with great verbal and non-verbal communication etc.. Every day you get the different tasks to work on if you working on the floor. Therefore, it is quite fun and great for the people especially who don't like repetitive tasks.

Points positifs

Increased the persuading, negotiating and influencing skills

Points négatifs

Less working hours
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Good except no hours

It's a really good job But I barely good any hours so that was bad. The people were fun to work with and I guess they just over employed people so that was the only issue
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Good place to work. Fun people to work with. Great management team. Flexible hours. Always doing something. Great place to start if you've never had a job.
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Worked here for way too long, with no advancements or raises. No more then 15 hours for two weeks. Management was very cliquey and rude. I felt bullied and treated unfair.
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