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Brampton, ON39 avis

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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Great experience

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Great experience in the retail industry. If you work as shipment associate you may get your shifts cut if the delivery doesn’t arrive on time in the morning. Otherwise it doesn’t take long to get the hang of the sales floor and assist customers
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Good days bad days

When the economy is good the work can be plentiful but in times of hardship the volumes are too low to even get 40 hours of work a week. The clothing industry has many peaks and valleys throughout the year.
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Working at Old Navy has been a mixed experience for me. On one hand, the company provides a friendly and inclusive work environment. The staff is generally supportive and the training is thorough, ensuring that employees feel confident in their roles. The flexible scheduling options also allow for a good work-life balance.However, there are some downsides to working at Old Navy. One major issue is the low pay, which doesn't always feel commensurate with the level of responsibility and effort required. Additionally, the workload can be quite demanding, especially during peak seasons, which can lead to high levels of stress.Furthermore, the company's emphasis on meeting sales targets can create a competitive atmosphere, which may not be ideal for everyone. The advancement opportunities within the company are also limited, making it difficult to envision a long-term career at Old Navy.Overall, working at Old Navy can be a decent experience for those seeking a part-time or entry-level position. However, for those looking for higher pay and more career growth opportunities, it may be worth exploring other options.
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Fun place to work but worst management

The general manager is quite a faker, do not listen to the employees and many things are messed up. Although many other managers and team leads are good.
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Not Fun

The store is always in a mess, it seems that our hard work of cleaning and organizing stuff goes down the drain in just a few seconds. The managers are rude at times and i feel they are biased too. They never train us in certain areas although being told that they will. Now recently they have cut down working hours tremendously with the pay rate being so less already. The store, management and the pay scale needs a big improvement!!!
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Not fun

kinda not good if you don’t want to be over worked and constantly bugged about going faster when you’re already going as fast as you can it’s not fun when you know you’re not going to advance
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It was ok

It was okay, I learned that retail wasn’t for me. Good starting job for teenagers. They say they’re gonna train you on certain things, and then never get around to it

Points positifs

Free snacks, nice co workers

Points négatifs

Store is ginormous and never ending cycle of cleaning and organizing, management, hours, pay
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Good Workplace

Enjoyable workplace for a retail environment. Management is supportive and helps the crew out however there is little room for advancement within the company.
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Overall good place to work

The job is good. You fold clothes and then work cash. Management expects you to work really fast and be super nice to all the customers all the time. Yearly review is annoying but still helpful. This job can get overwhelming with the amount of customers but mangers will back you up. Not a lot of room for growth to become a manager.

Points positifs

Good employee environment

Points négatifs

A lot of running and standing and rushing
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Old Navy Review

It was a great experience and there were so many nice people working there. i felt very welcome. I would definitely recommend this job to anyone looking for an employment at the moment
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great staff, fun environment, challenging customers

Challenging customers, Great staff, Stressful at times good pay and benefits Support is great Upper management really helps out with support and they listen to ideas free to make own decisions to best help your department relating to sales
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Productive and fun

Overall it was fun working at Old Navy, really had great time meeting new people and working with them! Learned many things that I would have never learned if I did not work there!
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typical work days

folded clothes, appointed customers to products where about, updated customers on sale and pricing information. organized and friendly work environment.
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Great environment to work in.

Enjoyed working here, not only did I gain more experience in retail but I also was able to make great connections with many people. Old Navy is a good company to work for your first time working in retail/sales.
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

8 août 2019
We believe in setting our employees up for success by teaching them skills they can use on and off the job. Thanks for sharing your experience on our team in Brampton, ON!

Productive and busy workplace with hardworking staff

Working at Old Navy built character for me. I'd suggest for every young person to start there. Old Navy's fast-paced and sales driven environment taught me how to multi-task , gain better interpersonal skills and keep a positive attitude.

Points positifs

Great Staff

Points négatifs

Long hours
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

28 mai 2019
We love hearing this! We understand the value of teaching our employees skills they can use throughout their careers. Thank you for sharing.

sales assistant and cashier

working with customer gave energy and motivation to the worker. After getting positive feedback and reward form the managers workers were willing to work and finish their targets in a short time of period.
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Réponse officielle de Old Navy

14 janvier 2019
We love hearing this! We mean it when we say we're "customer obsessed." Thank you for your feedback.

cashier and sales associate

punched in was told which section of floor i am on or what cash register im at. customers as (in my location) did the most, and management was all over the place
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As good as you expect

For the few months I have been working here, and it being my first retail job, this job is as cool as I expected. I've been wanting to work retail for some time now and I'm happy that Old Navy gave me the opportunity for this. The management is very cool, they bring you in pretty easily, on my orientation day there just happened to be a little party, nice first impression. Even when we're busy (which is very frequently because of my location and the nature of Old Navy) the management could be mostly laid back. Day to day is also what you'd expect, just at a faster pace. It is pretty overwhelming especially for a newcomer but they would not welcome you if they didn't think you were ready. The hardest part is all of the traffic and trying to keep up with the volume of the store, the most enjoyable part are the other employees which cushion the job in a very pleasant way.

Points positifs

Fun coworkers

Points négatifs

High Traffic / Overwhelming
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Productive & Fun

Really fun place to work and learn. Interesting associates to work with and great management. I currently started working here recently and it's been great. Really enjoying it!
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A typical day at work, I would clean up clothes off the floors, run the fitting rooms and interact and help customers with what they were looking for. Since this was my first job, I learned a lot about customer service. The workplace was very well managed and I had very nice mentors and trainers. They would always correct my mistakes and instead of getting upset, they would help me work through it. The culture of the store was very diverse. The hardest part of the job was cleaning up during rush hours and events such as Mother's Day. I enjoyed being around new people and customers, it would make my day knowing they were happy when I helped them find what they were looking for.

Points positifs

Being around new people

Points négatifs

Very messy all the time
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Fun place to work

Staff are enjoyable to work with. Management team was great. Customers are very enjoyable to help. Culture in the store was great everyone got along, most of the time.
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