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Ne donne que du temps partiel. Et le temps plein seulement pour les gérants sinon 25hrs maximum pour les employés réguliers.
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Good job for college student, only pays 10 a hour and NO ONE is full time only managers. June-December hours are plentiful but after that no hours may 10 a week.
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Fun coworkers

It's just a retail job, but they have a fun and diverse staff that make going to work not so bad, management is willing to work with your schedule, low pay
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Not bad

Good place to work, I worked here during my breaks in college and it was just fine. Nice managers and good work schedules. Would recommend to anyone looking
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I like the shower because it was fine and the manager helped me when I needed them in the team members are all supportive and very helpful throughout working here
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Good coworkers but bad hours

Coworkers, excluding most of management, are really nice and helpful. Training process was horrible and they mostly just made you figure it out yourself. Hours are really bad as part-time, like 4-8 a week with the manager constantly cutting hours and calling people before shifts telling them not to come in.
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Great job starting off as a teen/ young adult!

So much flexibility with your schedule and taking off; there was always someone to take your shift. My team was great and full of friendly and helpful people.
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Convenient work schedule

Easy. Low stress. Needed a place to work where the schedule complemented my spouse's and kid's schedules. This was a great place to work until my kids were older and I had availability for a full time job.
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Rude Management

Management doesn't care about anything personal in your life. And could be rude at times . I have had managers walk right past me as if I didn't speak or say good morning.
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Do not work at the Exton store

Upper management does not seem to care about their employees. The pay is awful for associates so there is a revolving door of associates that realize the job is not worth the effort. Everyone is constantly stressed by the expectations and lack of staff. Management always seems to be talking about other people behind their backs. Not a good environment.
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Great First Job

The job culture is very fun and upbeat. There is definitely room for advancement in the company and there is incentives such as pay raises after six months as well as annual raises. Management is very hands on and very helpful in being success with Old Navy. I would recommend this job for high school and college students.
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Fun work place

Good you at all times have to be customer friendly, willing to meet the needs of a unsatisfied customer. Introduce new products. There should never be a bad moment, if it's too difficult always get a someone else to step in while explaining to customer. Dont ever walk away from difficult situations.
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Good seasonal job

The job was easy, just need lots of patience because customers don't care about how hard you work to maintain stores appearance, but overall an ok job.
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Love it

Great place to work. Flexible schedule, great training, hours can be long. Wish employee discounts were better after everything you do for them. Great starter job for retail
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Stay Away

All leadership candidates need to conaider these words very carefully before accepting an opportunity. Old Navy pays its leaders well and cares about giving back to the commubity. That summarizes the positives of working there. Work life balance is virtually non existent. Training is inadequate, ( ask any tenured leader how the Workday site launch was handled) . Payroll and labor funding is insufficient. Hourly employee pay is below imdustry standard which makes it difficult to retain quality associaes. The "Right hand" often has no idea what the "Left hand" is doing from a corporate perspective . Upper field management is abrasive. Culture is nothing more than lip service. Working there is like gambling however you are playing a game no one explains the rules to,
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Fun people, management need work

I had a good time working there. But over time the mangment went downhill and to the point I quit. But other than that the pay is OK and the location is good for keeping you busy.
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Fun workplace but you definitely have to work yourself up a ladder if you want to enjoy it long term.

I enjoyed my time here, but by the time I had spent a few years there including holidays I was done. Definitely one of those places where it takes a little while to adjust and get into it
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Decent Atmosphere

Wasn’t really any teamwork, coworkers didn’t want much to do with each other but the job itself isn’t overly hard or overwhelming. It was an okay job and probably exactly what you’d expect it to be.
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Good starter job but too much push for credit cards

During my time at Old Navy I was a high school senior who needed a part time job for some extra cash and Old Navy provided just that. The job was fine and my coworkers/ managers were nice however, there was a large amount of turnover for sales associates. It was hard to form any sense of belonging when any coworker you may have bonded with was gone within in the month. As for the managers they were consistent and amiable. However, the biggest downfall of working there would be how much they would push you to get people to sign up for the old navy credit card. There would be shifts where I did pretty well doing mobile checkouts, online orders, & assisting customers, etc however none of that meant anything if you didn't get someone to sign up for a credit card that shift. It was common occurrence for me to hear at the end of my shift "Oh you did great, but looks like you didn't get any credit cards this shift...." proceeded by a lecture on how to get people to sign up for their credit cards. They even had a board in the back with a competition to see which worker had gotten the most card sign ups that month with reward incentives. Overall I liked some of the people who worked there and certain managers however, it really put a bad taste in my mouth that they valued your ability to get someone to sign up for a card over actual customer service and doing a good job.
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Management Issues

The hours were minimal with very low pay. Management would use the hours in the budget on people they were close with instead of splitting them fairly. Customer base was usually nice, but you are forced to try to push everyone into signing up for the card, which turns a lot of them away.
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Team work.

Nobody helps anyone out. Managers let customers do whatever to the clothes. They don’t hire anybody or give raises, and of they do it’s only by a couple of cents.
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