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Lead Associate (Calgary, AB)
le 28 juillet 2022
The Work itself is fun but the management makes it stressful
Typical day at Oldnavy is sizing, sorting and folding clothes. Providing customer service and enrolling customers for Gap loyalty program. Be a cashier whenever needed. Shipment starts at 5 am so you basically take the product out of the boxes and stock the product where it belongs. Also changing the layout of the stores and dressing the mannequins. Management makes things unnecessary complicated and micromanage a lot. you can't use the washroom without informing on Walkie. Every 30 minutes they ask everyone how many customers they enrolled and push you to enroll them when if customer doesn't want too. They expect you to work as fast as a robot. if you are fast but not fast enough you will still get coaching. The management makes you feel bad everyday in the name of "accountability". Overall the work was good but management made the environment toxic for your mental health.
Sales Associate (Calgary, AB)
le 11 avril 2022
Gossiping and awful management
Got scheduled at 7 AM and they called me to cut my hours just 30 minutes before. Happened twice to me and to other employees. Very pushing and unrealistic expectations. $.20 raise after 6 months working. They talked infront of you and act like they dont mean anything bad at all. People quits like flies.
Brand Associate (Calgary, AB)
le 3 mars 2022
Undervalued and Ignored
Worked at Old Navy for a bit over a year and a half. In the beginning it was nice, I was treated nicely and got lots of hours during the summer. However, during school was when I noticed a shift. The hours became so low, a 3-4 hour shift a MONTH. Then after a few months, I was given about 4-5 shifts in a week I could hardly get my schoolwork done with any free time. The worst part about the shifts, were that they were always 3-4 hours, and always in the middle of the day. Not in the morning, not at night. Always from about 11-4 pm or so, which left zero chance to make plans with people or to get class work done. But whatever, I put up with it. Then the second summer came around. No hours again. The same small shift once a month or so. I brought this up to them and there was nothing they could do about it apparently. But whatever, school was starting soon. It was going well, not too many hours but enough, about 1-2 shifts a week. Then January came around. No hours for the entire month. Finally in February they bombarded me with so many hours AGAIN that I could not keep up with. I talked to them about it, they told me that they "are enrolling a new work plan" and this would become the new normal.. I finally gave my notice and quit, however they seemed really hesitant on letting me go, asking me to keep thinking it over. I did not. I could not keep up with the inconsistent hours and them literally giving me 20 hours in a week, every week. I could not handle that with school. I tried so hard to do it, too.The turnaround was insanely high. I was honestly one of the only people that was there for as long as I was, besides the favourites. The managers definitely had a few favourites. I didn't mind this too much, until it was clear that the favourites got top schedule accommodations, more consistent and convenient hours, etc. Another issue was that I was constantly ignored. For everything. They did not include me in any activities, I had to say multiple times that "Hey.. I am working here, too" type comments, when I was ignored for when they asked who was currently working, who had their names and pictures on the board, etc. I really tried to look at the positives, but every single time I had a shift, I dreaded it. Another thing was I got one raise and it was about 20 cents. All the employees get the same raise, nothing based on how hard you worked.Some good things were a 50% employee discount, however almost everything I bought I had to pay full price for, even though half the stuff was not even marked down. This really bothered me, as all the customers who complain basically get over half off even the markdown items. The employees who worked there were also really nice. I made a few friends. I just wished the managers treated everyone fairly. You also did get a few free t-shirts, although they were in really bright and ugly colours, with old navy logos all over them.
Sales Associate (Calgary, AB)
le 18 février 2022
Decent for students
It was a typical sales associate job. It's good for students that need flexible scheduling. It can get either boring or really hectic depending on the time.
Sales Associate (Calgary, AB)
le 16 février 2022
Great Employees but an Awful Company
If you are on cash or just sales floor, then it is an enjoyable time. Not bad at all.Managers do have favourites and make it obvious.Short shifts (usually 4-6 hours)If you do shipment. then good luck, heres why:start your shift from 5:00 am or 6:00 am.It is an unrealistic expectation. They keep track of your time.got yelled at a lot for not being able to get 1,962 items unpacked and placed in the store in 3 hours.very understaffed Managers are not encouragingyou will be micromanaged every shiftyou will be followed around by managers

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