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Réponse du 3 octobre 2018
I had an interview for another Old Navy location, and since I had prior experience. I was not considered for the part time position because the manager thought I was a "red flag"
Réponse du 19 août 2018
No, Old Navy does not require background checks.
Réponse du 9 août 2018
I wore a cardigan with a top and leggings but some of the other people just wore t-shirts and jeans, or a long sleeve blouse with jeans.
Réponse du 24 juin 2018
Not enough hours
Réponse du 23 mai 2018
They call you if they liked your resume and then ask you to come in to meet with one of the managers. If that manager decided to hire you then you’ll get another phone call regarding your orientation date.
Réponse du 16 mai 2018
For seasonal employee you are hired immediately. For better position you'll have to fight with everyone and proving that you actually deserve it
Réponse du 8 mai 2018
Do a lot of research.
Réponse du 19 janvier 2018
Subtle, but managers are very demanding
Réponse du 13 janvier 2018
If you could have any super power what would you have?
Réponse du 10 janvier 2018
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