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Why did you leave your job at Old Navy?

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  • Managment, no work/life balance

  • New availability made it frustrating to stay plus lack of hours. Also got a new job that was mentally a better environment for myself

  • The new availability policy was impossible with my school schedule. Manipulative managers tried to twist the policy to have me work more hours than mandated.

  • Lack of hours, over hiring

  • Lack of hours

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  • Manager talked down to everyone. She had no tact or people skills.

  • Hours were cut whenever the traffic slowed. I would come in for a 4 hour shift which I was scheduled for and leave 2 hours early. Also the training was horrible. I was thrown into the sales floor without completing my orientation and only recieved my half-assed cash training after 4 months of working there, this just goes to show how horrible the management was. For some reason we had six managers and there were always 2 or three managers on staff. With so many managers you'd expect the management to be great but instead different managers request for you to work in different areas and it just becomes very confusing. Although the people there were cool I would not go back for work.

  • I was there for a number of years. When I first started at old navy it was the most fun place to work, but when new management took over that's when it went down hill bad. I left old navy because the store was run very poorly. Management only took care of themselves and was never on the floor to help with anything and when you talk to the gm, she seems sympathetic and nothing was ever resolved. One of the managers would show up smelling like booze and late a lot nothing was done. They all sit in the office like it's a big party. They show no appreciation for all the hard work the staff do... And all the work the staff do for the department managers (even though it is their jobs to do).. They sit in the office and judge employees and there is favouritism... Hr was contacted because of all the issues. They cancelled three times and never showed up.. I find it sad that the gm's boss isn't even concerned. So therefore I knew that the care about the employees didn't matter.. It's all about money

  • Was constantly talked to like I was completely stupid and was treated horribly by co workers

  • Management is horrible.

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