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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez Old Navy?

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  • Non. ils sont toujours occupés. Je leurs demande s'ils sont dispobible plus tard pour me parler et ils m'oublient, ils ont toujours quelque chose de mieux à faire.

  • Management should know that people need hours and being over staffed doesnt help anyone. If your permanent workers keep making excuses for not coming to work the answer isnt hiring more seasonal part timers who are craving for work hours you should find more reliable permanent staff. Also they should tone down the favorism.

  • Management should learn that you are all a team. You're not there to make friends and create a buddy system. You get paid to work, not sit in the office eating and talking. Reprimand other managers of their job isn't done properly instead of blaming it on the staff. Quit coddling your management team. I could go on....

  • Make guidelines for employees clear for every manager so that information and instructions are consistent.

  • Learn to respect your employees
    Empower your workers

    Reward them

    Offer FT employment

    Stop screaming at your morning stockers

    Buy your workers Pizza

  • Treat employees better

  • Proper planning. Marketing, visual, and sales teams need to work together in head office, better planning and communication. The stores would benefit alot. Each store in the market I worked for has different directives from head office than change all the time. Labor hours are through the roof. The hours stores get are based on sales and conversion. Extra labor hours aren't given. It is difficult to run an effective business with no efficient and effective business plan.

  • Focus more on quality management, as well as the work environment created by the assistant mangers.

  • More hours even if you're only seasonal

  • Give people more hours to work

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