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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez Old Navy?

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  • Screening on phone.
    Interview in person.

  • The day I applied online I got a call right away to come in for an interview. After the interview a day or two later I got a called for a job offer.

  • Interview happens right outside of store (much more casual than I thought). The interviewer is friendly, always smile. People all wear casual and takes turn to answer question. It last about 30' and pretty chill.

  • It was a group interview and started off with your front door greeting and then proceed to the back area where the things are and we had a good time.

  • Always ask questions that you dont know about.2 see how you can fit in and make a difference by the questions you ask.
    3 Im sure that you will make a difference witb good knowledge and doing your best as being part of a team .

  • You just sit around a table and talk with other people the end

  • The interview process was fairly laid back and very casual, just as you'd expect. The first group interview was very fun and inclusive, equal opportunities to answer the question for each candidate. The second, one-on-one interview was just as laid-back. It literally took place outside the store on a of couple benches. The questions were easy to answer as it was no problem connecting it to stories to back up your skills or experiences. It was just cooler than I expected.

  • Grouped, ending with many questions during working that could have been answered during an interview with a lot less people

  • Submit your resume. Get called in auditions(group interviews). Call backs for interviews one on one. Then orientation. If it is not hiring season they will skip group interviews.

  • - Focused on the company's progress and open to the opportunity to hire employees that will help promote the company and reputation
    - simple and straight to the point

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