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Où voyez-vous Old Navy dans 10 ans?

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  • Please hire more people, and give better pay for the ones who deserve it more

  • If they stop hiring a lot of managers then the future would be so much better

  • The location I worked at will probably be fine

  • I think old navy is a decent shopping place for people who are looking for nice clothes at a lower price. The clothes are more generic but the discounts (especially in the clearance sections).

  • I feel bad for the people who are working there, they deserve so much more. No benefits

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  • Bright it’s a great company

  • It is thriving and doing very well.

  • Secure. They have the buying power to support great deals that will continue to drive the the traffic. The ability to keep teams in place for long periods of time before the staff burn out is a different question.

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