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3,5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Pret a tout pour grimper dans les postes, très mauvaise ambiance
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Bonne usine

Bonne usine dans l'ensemble. Bon salaire dans l'ensemble
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Points forts
  • Rémunération juste par rapport au travail effectué
  • Capacité à atteindre des objectifs personnels
  • Absence de stress
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  • Environnement inclusif
  • Sentiment d'appartenance
  • Soutien du responsable

Its pretty good

Amazing pay, they even raise a good amount, I would recommend only for a living, but it's hot and fast-paced.Amazing co-workers, they love helping and they don't leave you in the dark.
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Nice place to work with opportunity job change

Worked in company from 1988 till 2012. Great company, management and people around. This company offers quite a lot training. I retired in 2012 only because my spouse wanted to. If I had new choice, I would come back.

Points positifs

12 hr shifts and a lot of time off

Points négatifs

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Some of the mechanics are lazy and from the same household

There is a big thing going on in the cold end mechanic shop.Some of the mechanics willing to work only while they are on overtime.For example, we have TWO SAME FAMILY MEMBERS in our mechanical department, a father and son. They both get paid as mechanics, even though the son has no millwright license, which is very unsafe.These two created a weird environment, where both not interesting to perform any task if it is not overtime pay.Both are constantly sleeping during the night shift and do not take any calls.

Points positifs

unionize place

Points négatifs

Bad attitude mechanics
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Good advancement, 12 hour shifts with overtime optional

The 12 hour shift is not too difficult and over a 2 week period you have 7 days off, of which overtime is often available. The work is not too difficult but can be tedious. Every other weekend you are scheduled to work Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Points positifs

The pay is good and overtime is available if you want it but not mandatory

Points négatifs

The plant is filthy and loud
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Fuyez à toutes jambes!!!

Les journées de travail s'étirent et votre équilibre vie professionnelle et familiale en est affecté. Milieu malsain, raciste, malpropre, ou l'harcèlement et l'inéquité est chose commune et toléré par la haute direction. La haute direction de l'usine manque de leadership et incapable d'insuffler le changement et les mauvaises habitudes perdurent. Comme l'usine est centenaire, une large proportion des superviseurs n'ont aucune scolarité et de ce fait sont parfois les plus résistants aux changements et adoptent des attitudes de rustres sexistes. La culture qualité est totalement absente et peu supportée par les têtes dirigeantes de l'usine.

Points positifs

Bonne rémunération

Points négatifs

Ambiance malsaine pour les nouveaux employés
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Quality control

I loved working at O.I. Canada, being employed there for 20 years I learned so much. I did so many different jobs starting with palletizing, to making cartons in the carton loft. My most satisfying job was quality control. I was incharge of the quality of ware going to the customer, cutting, measuring and gauging the glass. Working for so long with the company, I felt that it was my second home and they were all my family.

Points positifs

Being 100% satisfied that when my glass was shipped, the customer would have no complaints.
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Hot, yet Tolerable

A typical day at work began with the running of bottle samples through various machines in order to assess machine functionality. Each sample is ran three times on an hourly basis, for a total of 36 times per shift. The rest of the shift was spent monitoring the lines for jam ups, assessing bottles for critical defects as well has keeping the work environment clean and safe. Occasionally My job required me to hand package glass ware, palletize cartons as well as feed ware and cartons onto the conveyor belt. While working with Owens-Illinois, I learned how to operate a manual as well as a semi-automatic forklift. I learned to to operate and fix jam-ups in machinery as well as how to assess glass bottles for defects. My supervisors and co-workers were welcoming and helpful when it came to me learning how to manoeuvre throughout the factory environment. The hardest part of the job was withstanding the high temperatures for long periods of time while actively working. The most enjoyable part of the job was being able to take the skills I learned during my training, and altering them in a way that allowed me to work more efficiently and enjoyably.

Points positifs

Extended breaks in high climates

Points négatifs

Long hours, very high temperature
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Above average company

Salary is above average. Working conditions are fair - good. Management fair, and approachable. Room for advancement is limited, due to unionized structure.
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Nature de L'entreprise

Etant donné que cette entreprise fabrique des contenants en verre. Les conditions de travail sont plus ou moins bon pour l'être humain. Poussière, chaleur excessive, fumé toxique ou non. De plus, Il y avait une horaire rotative jour-nuit de 12 heures Par contre, il y avait beaucoup de défis techniques. Et il y avait une bonne atmosphère de travail
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Daily new challenges and maintain operation at all time

Work place safety and operation inspection, great communication with operators and review QA reports. It was always unscheduled task always have a backup plan for any learned to cop with the unknown and troubleshoot the obstacles and solve for solid results.

Points positifs

Gain experience

Points négatifs

On call responce
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3,5 étoile(s) sur 5 pour Équilibre vie professionnelle/personnelle
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