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3.5Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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J'ai beaucoup d'expérience pour les comptes payables, pour les comptes à recevoir, répondre aux appels téléphoniques, recevoir les visiteurs et aider à la comptabilité.
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Fast paced work style is expected

Good work life balance but no over time benefit. Good management but it all depends on the client you are working for. Possible to get promotions based on how we perform.

Points positifs

Good mentoring

Points négatifs

Sometimes stressful
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I really love working here, I just don't expect to move anywhere

The Pros - When in office, they supply you, amply, with tea, coffee and whatever you like in them in mountainous quantities. They also don't skimp on cost or variety. They are attentive of ensuring most people are kept comfortable with their seating and desk setup programs, though it can take time to process requests, and generally encourage personalizing your small space. Strictness to what you can do in downtime varies project to project, as do many, many other factors. The location I work in is *fantastic* for commuting, and they've been wonderful during COVID in being mindful to not make staff ill. They also have done their best to be mindful of disability, LGBTQ+, or cultural needs on site.If a contract ends, they ensure you have really good severance, and will extend your healthcare package several months after a layoff. They DO actively seek to bring back former employees if you've been a good team member.The Cons - They ask you to do 30+ hours of training per year, minimum that, at the end of the day, is mostly meaningless. If your project closes, don't hope that taking any in house training to have any impact on placement to another project. Don't expect their training to help you advance your career. You get zero certifications from it. Any positions above you will likely require a ridiculous number of years experience you will not get stymied in the same position.Like most companies handling contracts, your contract can be terminated at a moment's notice leaving you out of work in little time.If you want to better your salary, or your position you have - 

Points positifs

lots of tea/coffee etc supplies, great healthcare package, ergonomics program, cultural support, lgbtqia support, reasonable disability support, centralized offices, clean offices

Points négatifs

meaningless training, HR can be hit or miss, Contract instability, poor chance of advancement, minimalistic raises
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Great work life balance but pay not upto industry standard

Great work life balance but pay not upto industry standards.Individual projects varies but there was no growth opportunities. No salary hike or bonus unless you fight for it.
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Poor Management, disorganized, Office Politics

I left my previous job to come here to start a new career, the grass isnt greener on the other side.Management does not care about you. Disorganized, it is extremely challenging to get a response from anyone. Seniors in the company bully the new hires.

Points positifs

Decent pay

Points négatifs

Disorganized, poor Management
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Management is the worst

Management is the worst I have every seen. Don't work there!No respect for the workersTreated badlyManagement consistently gives false information to there works

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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worst place to work as CSR

Never apply to CSR jobs at NTT. Job is temporary, no support for CSR's. Supervisors won't help agents. You don't get any feedback on your calls. Breaks are unpaid

Points positifs

Coffee, Tea, Ping Pong table

Points négatifs

No paid breaks, for 8 hour shift, you have to work 9 hours
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Not a nice place to work! High turnover

The salary sucks! Hours are long. No benefits whatsoever, no team spirit. Everyone is on their own and you are left to basically fend for yourself. The team I worked with is one of the worst, very high turnover and management doesn't care....afterall, there are always new immigrants looking for work

Points positifs

No weekend work, training was good

Points négatifs

Long hours, low pay
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very relaxing workplace

A typical day is very relaxing, Everyday I when to work it was a learning experiment. The management was very approachable and was always there for the staff

Points positifs

Meeting the staff and mangement

Points négatifs

The hours were very great
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Excellent to work with NTT. People are good to work with and co-operative. Paying on time and good customer services.I was happy working with NTT. I always recommend to work with NTT
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avoid at all costs

lack luster employer, poor benefits, horrible management. Would not recommend. Stressful job, taking advantage of elderly people, not work you feel good about.
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competitive and fun place

NTT data has very good work culture. People here are so supportive. Keep employees motivated and engaged by doing different activities. Company has very good cafeteria. It is very spacious.
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Regimental Work Attitude

The workplace environment is regimental and like boot camp. I always have a feeling of not free. Rigid rules. Fraternising with other staff members and colleagues is not encouraged.
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Service based company

it's a service based company and you work for their clients. Once their clients have no interest in you, you will be terminated unless they find you another position.
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A half-decent place to work...

They seem to value the people that they have. Prefer to promote from within (I was hired for one project and then got recruited/selected for a second.....based on what I hope was performance). The hardest part that I found about the positions that I have held with NTT was that while they don't expect you to work later than your eight hours, they sometimes set high(er) expectations for those eight hours. You definitely meet a wide variety of individuals there, some of them good and some not so much.
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The daily routine is challenging and lacks focus.Daily tasks are constantly shifted without clear guidance. Limited support provided and work/home balance is not a priority.
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Great people. Company has a lot of red tape

Big company and feel. Lots of red tape and expectations. I wouldn't recommend this company if you like freedom and want to make your own decisions. ....
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The management is very good and the work culture is also better than many organizations. However, the salary is not meeting the expectations level. They offer many courses to improve the quality
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productive and easily accessable to any work.

Working environment is highly diversified and collaborative. Good management. Contracts are always up for review need to stick with it and build a rep. Can be very stressful when a project shuts down. The people Halifax office are the best and really like working there
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Horrible company

The trainer for the classes was extremely rude. She taught the classes so fast, no one could really understand it all. When I or anyone else said "you're going too fast". Her attitude was too bad. The docked me a day for leaving sick, yet the rest of the class left one hour after me, and never lost any pay.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Horrible pay.
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Working environment is highly diversified and collaborative. Good management

Recommendable for a short term employment. Work location is reasonably within the comforts of public transportation, with easy access to food. Management is fair and just
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