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    Simon Williams
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  • Date de création
  • Taille de l'entreprise
    plus de 10 000
  • Chiffre d'affaires
    1 $ à 5 $ milliards (CAD)
  • Secteur d'activité
    Technologies de l'information
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Numérique et Développement informatique


Gestion des comptes clients et collection (Blainville, Québec)
le 16 septembre 2013
Travail dans une ambiance agréable
J'ai beaucoup d'expérience pour les comptes payables, pour les comptes à recevoir, répondre aux appels téléphoniques, recevoir les visiteurs et aider à la comptabilité.
Project Manager (Halifax, NS)
le 15 novembre 2021
Fast paced work style is expected
Good work life balance but no over time benefit. Good management but it all depends on the client you are working for. Possible to get promotions based on how we perform.
BPO Allscripts/McKesson & Helpdesk NLG (Halifax, NS)
le 13 août 2021
I really love working here, I just don't expect to move anywhere
The Pros - When in office, they supply you, amply, with tea, coffee and whatever you like in them in mountainous quantities. They also don't skimp on cost or variety. They are attentive of ensuring most people are kept comfortable with their seating and desk setup programs, though it can take time to process requests, and generally encourage personalizing your small space. Strictness to what you can do in downtime varies project to project, as do many, many other factors. The location I work in is *fantastic* for commuting, and they've been wonderful during COVID in being mindful to not make staff ill. They also have done their best to be mindful of disability, LGBTQ+, or cultural needs on site.If a contract ends, they ensure you have really good severance, and will extend your healthcare package several months after a layoff. They DO actively seek to bring back former employees if you've been a good team member.The Cons - They ask you to do 30+ hours of training per year, minimum that, at the end of the day, is mostly meaningless. If your project closes, don't hope that taking any in house training to have any impact on placement to another project. Don't expect their training to help you advance your career. You get zero certifications from it. Any positions above you will likely require a ridiculous number of years experience you will not get stymied in the same position.Like most companies handling contracts, your contract can be terminated at a moment's notice leaving you out of work in little time.If you want to better your salary, or your position you have to *leave the company* in order to facilitate it. I would think a company like this one would be more inclined to elevate their own people who understand the system structures, or are at least handy, to mold into whatever need they want.HR can be hit-or-miss. Often slow to act in situations of harassment and bullying, but are swift to act in cases of assisting in accommodation for disability or illness.
QA Test Lead (Halifax, NS)
le 6 juin 2021
Great work life balance but pay not upto industry standard
Great work life balance but pay not upto industry standards.Individual projects varies but there was no growth opportunities. No salary hike or bonus unless you fight for it.
Analyst (Vancouver, BC)
le 22 décembre 2020
Poor Management, disorganized, Office Politics
I left my previous job to come here to start a new career, the grass isnt greener on the other side.Management does not care about you. Disorganized, it is extremely challenging to get a response from anyone. Seniors in the company bully the new hires.

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