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Novolex® is one of North America’s leaders in packaging choice and sustainability; serving retail, grocery, food service, hospitality, institutional and industrial markets. Novolex’s packaging brands are leaders in the markets they serve due to their innovation, diversity of products, and dedication to sustainability and quality embraced by the nearly – plus...  10,000 Novolex families. With the acquisition of Zenith Specialty Bags, now part of Bagcraft, Novolex has 54 locations worldwide, including two world class plastic recycling facilities.

The family of historic Novolex® brands includes Hilex Poly®, Duro Bag®, Bagcraft® Packaging, De Luxe®Packaging, General Packaging® Products, International Converter®, Shields™, Heritage Bag® , Burrows Packaging™ , Waddington North America™ , Polar Pak™ , Waddington Europe™ , and Eco Products®. Each of the Novolex brands brings a unique sustainability and product story in plastic, paper, foil, recycling, or composting applications. The Novolex brands are unified by four common values: Manufacturing Innovation and Quality, Service, Packaging Choice, and Sustainability.
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From our Family to Yours

In this unprecedented time, Novolex is proud to play an essential role in maintaining the uninterrupted operation of our country’s food supply chain, grocery and retail operations, and e-commerce with an extensive selection of paper and plastic packaging products. Packaging for prepared and fresh food in grocery aisles, freezers and deli. Bags at check out. Trash can liners for hospitals. Food containers and bags for restaurant take-out and e-commerce. We are grateful to our hardworking employee families who, together with our customers and suppliers, will help us to weather this storm.