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Depends on where you work

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I worked in the lab department and it really depends on which division you work for. Some managers are great but the head of the department fosters a stressful work environment. People can be gossip-y but in general are nice. Sometimes unionized positions retain staff who otherwise would be let go due to their behavior or work ethic.
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Toxic management and employees

Managers can do no wrong.HR sides with them even when violating their own rules regulation and policy.People of Colour, Visible Minorities or whatever they're calling us these days will have a very hard time.You must have thick skin if you decide to work there. Little to no support.

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You're employed.

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Experiencia 20 años

Responsable con mi trabajo dedicado 100 por ciento
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Busy place to work

Overall good place to work. Good pay with benefits after probation period. As a medical clerk your tasks will consist of many duties throughout the day. Very fast paced environment. Repetitive work.
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Very difficult to advance to management

Difficult to advance to any management portfolio if not an RN. Extremely well rounded and capable employees are passed over in favour of RNs with connections
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Fast-paced and welcoming to students for various positions.

It is a great place to work. I was a student while working with them, they were very accommodating to my schedule. I learned a lot while I was there as well, it made for invaluable experience.
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Excellent place to work

It's not easy getting within the hospital but if you get a job there it's very professional and rewarding It's not micro managedGo to the job, do your job and leave at the end of the day with no stress
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Bad work environment

•12 hour shifts•Poor communication from managers•Hospital staff are rude•Often get yelled at by visitors for asking screening questions•No benefits, have to pay for hospital parking or park 10/15 min walk away.•Consistent scheduling problems•A lot of coworkers don't do their job so you are forced to do everything•The only good thing about this job is the pay.
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Great place to work

A great place to work if you have experience to advance but if not it takes time to climb the ladder. Benefits are good if you have a certain percent position.
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Great workplace

Great place to work, lots of benefits, always learning something new and meeting new people from all backgrounds. The work feels very meaningful, however, there is a totem pole to climb, which is expected.

Points positifs

Benefits, flexibility

Points négatifs

Inconsistent schedule
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One of the most unorganized organizations I've ever worked in

So top-down that noone gets anything done. They want to be innovative, but their org structure is archaic and their communication is dreadful. They want to be evidence based but everything they do is just based on what 'the boss' wants, not what the evidence says.
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Think very, very hard before accepting an offer here.

NSHA is just an OK place to work. The salary, job security, and benefits are the only good things this employer has to offer. You will, in time, be disgusted by the bloat and dormancy that is universally accepted, and promoted. It is a very middle-management heavy organization, yet for all the management, no one wants to make a decision and there is no accountability. Collective agreements are barely followed, and barely upheld, consider it have no union representation. Amalgamation has stalled which is funny because it never got started. There is little interest in changing for the better or being efficient. There is a very strong hierarchy here too, good luck if you're near the bottom because you will barely be appreciated or respected. You will not be working for a cutting edge, patient and healthcare focused, and innovative organization. Money is never spent in the right direction. All of this is the biggest contributor to why healthcare access and quality is poor in this province. If you can sometimes show up, do the bare minimum, ignore how poorly it is ran, ignore the cultural issues, and appreciate job security with a decent pension and benefits, you'll be okay.

Points positifs

Benefits, pension, and income

Points négatifs

Management attitude
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Great work place

Great work environment, very supportive team work. Lots of skills to learn on a daily basis . Great work hours , wage and benefits. Overall great company to work for.
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Could use some more cultural awareness

Stable job to have. Can be a hit or miss depending on which unit you are in. So you can either have great work environment but not much for management. I find that most people are oblivious to other cultural norms
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High impact/high stress work

You could argue that heath care is chronically underfunded and most positions are spread quite thin, but there is a lot of opportunity there. Top-down decision making is common, and with no slack time in the work, it is difficult to proactively solve problems. That said, the work is rich and rewarding, and often lets you put some good out into the world.

Points positifs

Doing meaningful work that helps many people.

Points négatifs

Frequent reorganization, high workloads
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Always nursing jobs available

Difficult to judge with the pandemic impact, as in most healthcare staffing is an ongoing problem but they do their best to fill vacancies. Large building and difficult building relationships outside of your own unit.
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Not a great experience

Did not enjoy working for NSHA. The overall culture is quite negative. Compensation after deductions (benefits, vacation, pension) is essentially minimum wage.
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Good place to work !

For the most part it is a good place to work at. Management is supportive and in my experience, coworkers on the units I’ve worked on work as a team.
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Stressful working operations, short-staffed

Covid has decimated the landscape and most positions are now short staffed. High burnout rate and poor training. Was at one time a fun place to work but the good old days are over.

Points négatifs

long days, angry patients
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A good place to work. room for growth. The pay does not align with living wage in Nova Scotia. Co workers are nice and helpful most times. Can be very stressful and busy

Points positifs

Room for growth

Points négatifs

long hours
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a good place to work

long term with internal advancement opportunitiesgreat benefits packageflexible work hours.........................................................
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