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2,8Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Hierachy, Poor managememt

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I would not recommend to work at this company. It‘s absolutely impossible to be valued for the work. The owners don‘t help if there is problem or conflict.

Points positifs

free food

Points négatifs

nothing is free when you read the details
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Really enjoyed the unique experience

It was an experience you wont get at many places. Getting to fly out with the floatplanes is something I will remember for the rest of my life.Urs is a special character.

Points positifs

Cheep housing and food

Points négatifs

For some people it can be a little too remote even though I enjoyed it
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Beautiful place to work with a staff that becomes family!

If you love the outdoors this is the place for you. The scenery is absolutely breathtaking and the lodge itself is just beautiful. Great place to work run by a lovely swiss german couple you will love ( just make sure Urs likes you haha)

Points positifs

Great team/location
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Stressful. You go there wanting to destress but the opposite occurs.

Long serving employees create a toxic environment for some new hires especially if the new hire is of color. Owner does not help the situation as he holds the old timers in high regard.

Points positifs

Pay and tips

Points négatifs

Apart from pay and tips, everything else is a con.
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I enjoyed it

I honestly loved working here. I stayed for 8 months all through summer and through half of winter and I've made some of the best friends and have done so many fun activities. We have bonfires, go hiking, kayaking, ice skating and go to the hot springs. I think the wintertime was a little more fun just because it's less busy but I enjoyed both. Definitely recommend!
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tyrannical owner, toxic work enviroment

overworked, understaffed, horrible managment team, promise things which they dont deliver. owners work expectation are unattainable and have no respect for their employees
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I enjoyed my experience there,however....they could put more effort into providing staff with more activities,on their off time. And common areas for

It was overall a worthwhile experience,...learned about some strengths and weaknesses,myself and the business. I met lots of awesome people, gained some new skills, challenged my limits. The surrounding area is absolutely beautiful for photography,exploring a bit,or chilling by the campfire.

Points positifs

Learning experience

Points négatifs

Needs more staff socializing areas. Not enough encouragement for that.
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Not a stable professional place to work

It is important to note regional reputation of this establishment is not good. It is difficult to hire locals because of the poor treatment and drama. Employee abuse of changing contracts once employee arrives. Poor unprofessional management gossip and poor business ethics and practices result in lieing to employees. No bus transportation Greyhound ended northern Rockies service

Points positifs

Wilderness Environment is beautiful

Points négatifs

Poor management training and continued management, housekeeping management and cleanliness
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a beautiful location to work at

A beautiful fishing resort with great food and staff to work with staff lodgings are very nice as well owners are friendly and attentive to there staff
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Clean and situated in a Provincial Park

A very healthy area up north to work as the wildlife was abundant and the company owners provided tools to enjoy it.Canoes, fishing gear etc.

Points positifs

room and board for 250$ a month.

Points négatifs

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