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Notes pour Normandin Transit (Napierville, QC)

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Avis des employés pour Normandin Transit (Napierville, QC)

Camionneur (Napierville, QC)

le 16 novembre 2022

En gros pas de cassage de tête. Équipement récent,belle ouvrage!

Pas vus d'autre place comparable à normandin. La compagnie s'adapte au rythme et au goût du chauffeur.

Delivery Driver (Napierville, QC)

le 7 mai 2024

Poorly managed and favoritism runs rampant!

Takes an old-school approach to an evolving industry!!! Very selective experience doesn't count for much to manager. Has a personal criteria for hiring candidates!!!

Adjointe Administrative (Napierville, QC)

le 17 mai 2023

Everything changed when they got bought by transforce

The Normandin family was the most loving and caring of all. They new personally everyone of their employee and no worker was considered anyless than the next. We were humans.Transforce bought and it became all about numbers

Chauffeur de camion (Napierville, QC)

le 25 mars 2022

Équilibre travail-famille très ok, territoire grand mais Transforce... 😐

Évolution de l'entreprise typique de Transforce.

Chauffeur (Napierville, QC)

le 13 janvier 2021

Best company to have varieties of destinations!

They are the best in the liberty of managing your own schedules. They are the best in maintaining all of their equipments. I would work there until retired but I moved out of the Province :-(.....I tried many companies (20 years experience) and they are the best I worked for....it will be hard for me to find another company like them, it’s hard for me to let them go

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