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Pas trop d'esprit d'équipe, c'est dommage. Préparation de café et autres commandes, afin de satisfaire au mieux nos clients.
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Decent workplace.

Textbook example of mismanagement and high density understaffed work conditions. However, really supportive team overall. Good place to start and build networks and connections in the industry.
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Work environment

Its a great company to work for they have a great workplace and home balance. Health Benefits are excellent along with shopping perks. Flexible hours.

Points positifs

Company wide discounts

Points négatifs

Hours depend on business
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Productive fun place to work

Nothing bad to say other than minimum wage but fun place to work and co-workers and management are very nice and encouraging. Although during seasonal time it is a little chaotic
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Bad culture but salary is reasonable in retail

Management is the worst thing by working in this company, as department manager and adm are fake, double standard, drama queen and play favouritism. If they don’t like you for some unreasonable reason, even you’re kind, they will probably try to making you get in trouble or making you feel bad. Anyway if they like you, you will feel good and easy here. I worked in beauty.
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Great company

Nordstrom is a great place to work and the compensation for my current role is definitely great. My bosses are nice people that do care about the employees
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Awesome store work at.

Awesome people to work for.I was cleaner there. Got learned new things and meet new people ever day it was great. Go see what's like. Great clothes .makeup many more.
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Starting job for young adults

Job is alright if you are young and enjoy working late. Work life balanced is preached as part of their culture but not practiced and raises do not exist (you have to sell more to make more). Vacation time requests 8/10 time get denied.
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overall good

employee discount not great,the work culture are very good,and at the time my manager was very nice so no complainsthe pay was min but was enough for me as a student
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red flags everywhere

I was lied to about many things that management said I would have the opportunity to do. Toxic company culture. Despite being one of the younger members in the department, everyone else acted like elementary schoolers. Always pushed to meet sales goals which were impossible to meet because I never had any support from managers and there was never any stock.
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Average job

This job gave me good experience and i came out it with friends that i still talk to. However, working during the busiest time of the year was long and tiring. It's also a pretty thankless job, especially when you work in the stock rooms.The people and managers were kind but the job is mid.

Points positifs

People in logistics are kind and hold up the company

Points négatifs

Long sporadic hours
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The best company.

I worked for Nordstrom for 3 years. This is one of the best companies to work for. I loved the environment I love how they value their employees. I will be applying to work here again.
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A good place to work for students

They adjust your schedule well to your availability and the staff is friendly. If you want a lot of hours they’re available and full time employees get benefits. But we’re always understaffed, if you don’t want to feel stressed on Saturdays because of a rush hour I would say work for back house and not service experience or sales floor.

Points positifs

Friendly team, 20% off on purchases

Points négatifs

Understaffed often
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Really bad (new) Manager

Since they have the new kitchen Manager the work atmosphere is getting bad. He don’t know how to respect the employees or how to treat them. When there is no work they cut you off so you will not even reach your hours even that you are a full time worker

Points positifs


Points négatifs

They cut you off even if you are a full time worker
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Restaurant too slow, big tip out not enough hours

The restaurant is painfully slow. After tip out you make on average 40 dollars. The most I ever made was the rare crazy busy night and it was 100 dollars. They say you get benifits in the add. If you work in the restaurant it is impossible to get 28 hours which is what you need to qualify for benifits. You get micromanged within an inch of your life. The old staff always get the best shifts and the best sections so you never have a chance to make good money. Stay away.

Points positifs

50% off your meals

Points négatifs

terrible tips, huge tip out, not enough hours, misleading re - benifits
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Good work environment

It was back when they opened that I worked there at Eatons but it was a great time working there and lots of great people. Cafe had the best drinks! Definitely would recommend this place to work at if you’re looking for something on the side.

Points positifs

Great opportunity to meet and engage with people
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Typical retail experience

It's a pretty typical retail job. Commission can make things competitive depending on your team. In my experience, while people were competitive, they were still really nice and supportive, and would help you out. Experiences with the company definitely depend on the manager. My first manager was awesome and made coming to work fun, made employees feel comfortable. Got a new manager who sucked so everyone quit. Other than that, it's a pretty easy job. Pay is only ok, not what I would call "competitive" its slightly higher than min wage but not by much.
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Good place to work

Good place to work especially as a newcomer, but it can be so competitive if you want to get commission. When its come to commission, maybe its not a good place for everyone.Because sometimes its become too much stress-full

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Very compepetive
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fun workplace

It was a fun experience. Management was good and accommodating. Coworkers were friendly. Shift hours were short. No opportunity for improvement and growing.
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Not too bad

Good for retailReally competitive between sellers since it’s commission based There are couple of managers that can make your life hardGood that you can make more money with commission but it’s stressful Not a lot of physical work so it’s not bad
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Very poor management

Promise to support your career zero follow though. Poor management micro manage while they are off task. No work life balance schedule made last minute and always changes.
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