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Why did you leave your job at Nordia?

11 réponses

  • Feel as though get bullied, night shifts they tell you are able to have flexiable hours that’s a lie, they treat you like not good they make you feel worthless and never in the wrong as well as they have bullied me so often that I literally would go to the office every single shift

  • MANAGEMENT !!! horrible place to work . They are on a power trip and treat their employees terribly. Stay away from the moncton NB location, can't respond for the other locations as I've never worked in a call center before nor would I want to after dealing with this joke of a place. I got hired then just quit recently didn't stay more than 4 wks ,should have left in the training as the training and trainer were horrible absolutely no help or guidance and the class was yelled at constantly for just asking a question . Overall not a good experience, my advice stay away.

  • I was constantly bullied and treated badly so badly ... the head over my department almost attacked me while HR just watched ... I became so upset as I was pinned into my chair ... the moment I had the opportunity I ran out of the office ... this is supposed to b a culture of respect and civility!

  • Unwilling to take any personal circumstances into account; resulting in my often being scheduled for shifts I had no way of getting to as they were before the buses started running.

  • No personal days, no pay for sick and family time. Schedules change every 2 weeks. swapping days with people can be difficult. The working enviroment is just poor in Quebec City - S.A.T department

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  • Management

  • The lack of a consistent schedule and the inability to request time off coupled with the treatment by customers and apathy by management caused me to leave for my own mental health.

  • Management

  • The job at Nordia was very stressful. One deals with some very unhappy customers day in and day out. Job never felt secure.

  • I moved away.

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  1. Why did you leave your job at Nordia?