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What is the rough amount of bonus you can make monthly working in sales for Nordia?

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Up to $3000.00

Réponse du - Loyality -Rention Agent (Current Employee) - Peterborough, ON

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Depends on how much of a conscience you have

Réponse du - Household loyalty agent (Former Employee) - Nanaimo, BC

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Dependent on your hours, and performance at the end of the month

Réponse du - Loyalty and Retention Specialist (Current Employee) - Orillia, ON

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$400-500 while working in Fraud. In Care I think the most I heard of was around $300.

Réponse du - Loss Prevention Specialist (Former Employee) - Kitchener, ON

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Used to be about $900 a month, after recent changes it was $150.

Those recent changes were to "benefit the customers and us as employees." That's just a back handed way of saying, we're trying to fool you into thinking that this is for a good cause.

But realistically, tools were taken aware from us to help customers, and as a result, making less sales to make our monthly stats, which effects our bonus payouts.

Réponse du - Call Centre Agent (Former Employee) - Nanaimo, BC

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100.00 monthly

Réponse du - Sales Representative (Former Employee) - Orillia, ON

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