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What is the company culture at Nordia?

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  • They offer nothing but a revolving door. It's a very uncomfortable feeling workplace. No decor anywhere to make it feel warm, no money spent for adequate cleaning, total lack of organization required to run a business. Sales agents doing mystery powder in the bathrooms so they can speedily up sell customers, and talk so rapidly in the lunch room that your "break" is worse than going back to your desk.

  • Its poor. The agents are frustrated, and the teamleads do their best but the Upper management brings the spirit down. Management is constantly putting emails out about the "negativity"from agents, but attitude reflects leadership, and it starts with the people making the choices.

  • Fun, hyped, environment with lots of support. Productive work environment with fun in between so the day doesnt get away from you

  • There is none

  • Nordia is a mixture of cultures/ideas/beliefs.
    Nordia strives to recognize the diversity of its employee.

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  • They try to make employees happy but its such a terrible job there isnt must they can do

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  1. What is the company culture at Nordia?