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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Nordia?

7 réponses

Its definitely multi cultural however the management is horrible and on a power trip, do not care about employees . Try getting time off for an appointment for ur child even , they do not care. No free coffee or tea not even free hot water . Just a horrible place to work . Moncton NB LOCATION

Very multicultrual, management can be an issue at times but the staff itself is amazing, only thing that kept me sane there

It is very multi cultural, a lot of fun

Awful, lots of unhappy people, agents who disprove management , they do lots for the employees but its done by the social committee if management had it their way im sure they would charge employees for free lunch

They do everything in their power to make it miserable but you can still talk to your colleagues between calls. Most people you work with are nice and you definetly need the support from people in this job.

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