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Comment décririez-vous le rythme de travail chez Nordia?

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  • Its ridiculously intense. you work like a slave while some other people literally lounge around and talk loudly all day.

  • You can never work fast enough. Get those talk times down. This isn't about providing a good customer experience, this is about how fast we can make our interactions because that's how management makes their bonuses. And don't think we don't know what you're doing every second of your shift. It says here that you used 4 minutes today going to the bathroom. Unacceptable.

  • Good place for work

  • Extremely toxic

  • Excellent. If you have any complaints or disabilities they find means and ways to make you comfortable. TL are awesome at Nordia. They do care about you.

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  1. Comment décririez-vous le rythme de travail chez Nordia?