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Problème de connexion internet et pas de chance de réembauche malgré que je sois déménager ou l’Internet est au top
Réponse du 28 mars 2017
I love working at Nordia ... but I think it all depends on who you get as a to
Réponse du 10 avril 2017
Background checks, yes, especially depending on for which line of business you’re hired. If you’re hired for CP then fingerprints, too, for example.
Réponse du 15 août 2020
That really depends on what department you are in, loyalty and retention gets great bonuses if you are in the top 25% (I got over 1k a month bonus in that tier) other departments much lower.There are other incentives that can really inflate a bonus cheque also.
Réponse du 10 mai 2018
I would leave if my contract came to an end and other internal opportunities didn’t come to fruition before the end of said contract.
Réponse du 30 janvier 2018
My interview didn’t feel like an interview. It was a quick phone call from a recruiter to confirm my resume. They asked a few questions and then sent an offer with 15 minutes. I wish recruitment was better because a number of unqualified people were hired, resulting in better candidates having to pick up the slack.
Réponse du 10 avril 2017
You apply online then they call you. Ask a few questions. Then theyll send you a link to a 90-120 minute long assessment to see if youre capable of the job:) then they invite you in for an in person interview and then you'll b hired
Réponse du 31 mars 2017
They transitioned to work from home and provided all equipment as part of that process. Need to be vaccinated to go onsite. I really like not having to take transit to work which can make the day stressful before even starting work.
Réponse du 18 juin 2020
Depending on your province of residence, you get a certain amount of unpaid excused days per calendar year; ie if you live in Ontario, you get three medical sick days and three family emergency days per calendar year. Unpaid but excused.
Réponse du 23 octobre 2018
Bring your full attention.
Réponse du 3 octobre 2018
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