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Stocking Associate106 avis
Canada106 avis

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3,6Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Good first job

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Good place to start if you need some money. Coworkers can be good to work with but two managers there don't have the work ethic that they expect from everyone else. Hours can be inconsistent especially during slow seasons

Points positifs

Friendly coworkers

Points négatifs

Inconsistent hours, managers that don't work
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its fine

THis job is alright nothing that bad no complaints other than that I have no complaints! work is like boom boom bam bam done and you leave and there's no issues for minimum wage
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Easy work, low pay, terrible supervisor, it's an owners union

Real easy work with a casual environment but I had a terrible supervisor. Flexible on hours which is very good. The union is an absolute joke and the workers would be better off without it. The union is 100% in the pocket of the employer.

Points positifs

easy work
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fun workplace

I worked here when I was 15 making student wage, only 13/hr at the time. The pay was quite bad looking back but I made lots of friends in the workplace.

Points positifs

fellow employees

Points négatifs

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Some managers were really nice but the store manager was absolutely ruthless. No sympathy for a high school student. Expected me to drop everything for a minimum wage job.

Points négatifs

No perks
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  • Absence de stress
  • Sentiment d'appréciation personnelle
  • Flexibilité des horaires et du lieu

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  • Sentiment de bonheur au travail
  • Sentiment d'appartenance
  • Satisfaction globale


Was quite boring and unfulfilling at times. The store manager is extremely quiet and unhelpful. The coworkers and department managers are cool and supportive though.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Little scheduling flexibility
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Expect minimum wage only and terrible bosses and management

Loblaws company overall is good but nofrills morinville bosses often threaten employees and make employees cry. The harder you work the more they treat you badly.

Points positifs

Organized and large receiving area

Points négatifs

Hostile work environment
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Poor Management, Okay for a first Job

the management was quite poor, and employees were not always treated with respect. Managers had unreasonably high expectations for employees, yet did not help employees to reach those expectations. The work was alright, pay was minimum.
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Easy work, uneasy environment.

Starting hourly rate/method to get raises turned out to be different than what was told in interview. Head grocery manager was easy to deal with and flexible with hours, everyone else was unorganized and took pride in talking about others. No room for advancement. Hard work goes unnoticed on night shift.

Points positifs

Flexibility in shifts/hours

Points négatifs

Low pay/no raises, Unorganized management, Gossip
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Don’t do it.

Don’t work here. The management will mess you over in a heartbeat. It is junk pay and too much work. It is a joke. Just take your time and find somewhere else to work.
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Robs Nofrills doesn't care about its employees

The store owner and the management doesn't care for its employees, they don't care about the health and safety also they expect way more than what we are being paid. In other words Robs Nofrills treats part time employees as animals.
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Great entry level job

I originally took a job at NoFrills at age 16. Back then, I was in charge of enforcing Covid regulations and maintaining a certain amount of people in the store. Over the years, my position has changed. Now I’m on the floor packing the grocery aisles, and I have some experience working in the Bakery section. I’m gonna cater this review to my current job description as a grocer packer.A typical day of work is the following: ask my boss what items needs to go on the shelf, put said items on my truck, pack it on the shelf, overhead any extra, and repeat. Periodically I am asked to go outside and collect any shopping carts in the parking lot. As a NoFrills worker, I’m expected to know where most items in the grocery section are. That knowledge not only aids myself, but can aid any customers who ask me “where is x item”. I also may be asked to do some light cleaning duties, such as sweeping or mopping.It’s a pretty easy job once you take a month or so to be acquainted with the store. Every NoFrills has a different manager and your manager is closely tied to the enjoyment of your job. It’s just in this jobs nature to be constantly communicating with your manager. My manager and coworkers are great; there’s some lazy ones of course but my job is mostly a solo one. The hardest part of this job is working when the store is busy.
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great place to make friends and some money while doing school

it was a fun experience a great job for a highschool student. learn how to communicate with people and take orders and work on team skills to complete a task collectively on time
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Poor management

Company is okay if you need a few hours each week. Rude management and office staff. I suppose you have to work there to experience it. Union fees deducted for this minimum wage job
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Base job

Ok job if you don’t want a career in it good for students to start up paid minimum wage always remember there’s always other minimum jobs out there so don’t tie yourself down
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Ok for part-time and students

Good for students looking for a part time job. Was in the dairy department and got lots of exercise. Minimum wage and unionized. Benefits available after a certain amount of hours worked.
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Amazing Starting Job

Loved the managers there. They are very fair, and try their best to make schedules that work around your school schedules. It is a great student job. They tend to your needs, and they train you very quickly. Not many complaints besides a couple rude customers. No frills is an amazing part-time job, and I would highly recommend it to those looking for a summer job.

Points positifs

Good break times

Points négatifs

Weird schedules
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It was a good place to work at.

I worked at NoFrills for just over 1 year, and I’ve grown to like it. My coworkers were friendly, and it felt great to finish stocking the shelves and clearing all the pallets, though that a was a rare occurrence. A lot of times we had more than we could handle, or had extra product and couldn’t fit it at the top of the shelves. I didn’t find it to be a really demanding or high stress job, and I definitely recommended working there.

Points positifs

Easy to get the hang of.

Points négatifs

Not really any cons.
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Great staff, bad management.

In my experience there I worked anywhere between 20-30 hours as a part-time employee, with occasional errors in the creation of the weekly schedules. The staff here is very welcoming and friendly who teach and train you as you go on with your experience working here. The management however, could use an overhaul as orders will be messed up, schedules can be messed up occasionally, and usually just lazy.

Points positifs

Friendly Staff, flexible hours, and stable position.

Points négatifs

Bad management, scheduling
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Good first job for teenagers, but the workplace was toxic

Worked there for 5 years. It was my first job, so I didn't have anything to compare it to. Now that I do, I can say that it wasn't poor, but was far from great. The hours were fine, and most of my co-workers were friendly, but the owner was horrible. He would bring you to his office to privately mock you or degrade you, to the point where myself and multiple other employees would only enter his office in the presence of the Union Representative. Overall, sure, work here part-time for some money, save it for school, a car, or blow it, I don't care. But if you have another offer of employment, maybe choose it instead.

Points positifs

Friendly Co-workers, Good Environment

Points négatifs

Store Owner was horrible.
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You have no life when you work for them

Absolute horrible experience working for them, managers and owner would make promises they've failed to keep, co-workers who would call in to the boss "Sick" and i stayed for 2.5 years, i'll never work there again.

Points positifs


Points négatifs

Dealing with angry customers on a regular basis
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Stocking Associate chez No Frills

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