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C'est un nouveau restaurant donc il y a plusieurs ajustements à faire!
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Great Co-workers, Uptight Management

You can breathe the wrong way at this job. Job is boring on its own, matching that with not being allowed to work with co-workers makes it dreadful.

Points positifs

Nice co-workers, Most Managers are Great

Points négatifs

Uptight Management, Management thinks lowly of workers, Working with co-workers restricted.
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Fun and amazing people

You will learn a lot of things. This is a great start for those who are new at work. A good experience if you want to learn. The coworkers are also fun.
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Decent company

I have good experience. Easy job, management was good. Employees were good to each other. Everything is simple and easy to understand. Chance to get intract with new people.
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Great people, Bad pay

The people who work there are very kind and always willing to help. But because it is minimum wage with no benefits no one wants to stick around. Thus putting more responsibility on the people who choose to stay without any compensation for it.
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flexible and fun coworkers

Great place for studentsfun coworkersgreat way to gain some experience rude customers day in and outhorrible pay with minimum benefitsuseless union and no growth opportunities within the company.
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Don't bother with this place.

Horrible management, toxic environment where everyone leaves or gets fired every other week. The managers are power trips. They just hire whoever shows up. Avoid at all costs. They don't deserve any reliable help with the way they treat other people.
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Its good to for starters, so you know what good jobs are next

You become thankful for your next jobs.Its alright for starters, so you can get something in your resume if you have yet to start working from anywhere else.

Points positifs

Free stuff sometimes

Points négatifs

U dont get promotions
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Good job

It’s a good job for young people. Pay isn’t great but it’s a good job. Flexible hours and the management actually value you and your opinion. I do recommend it

Points positifs


Points négatifs

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cooperative and respect. and bad i don't know. i always think positive

.Some time .I learned a lot everyday and improved my skills.Management was good and co operative.Work cultural was friendly and professional.When a few customers are not ready to listenand specific stock was sold out. My all working time as a Cashier
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Simple job with straight forward tasks

Each work day is typically like any other, once you get into the groove, its easy to maintain a rhythm and know your pace. A very go in, get it done, get out kind of job.

Points positifs

Flexible schedule, low stress

Points négatifs

physically intensive, repetitive
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Good co workers terrible elderly customers

Other than the rude and entitled inconsiderate elderly customers giving you a hard time all day its a pretty decent place to work if your at the minimum wage level. Loblaws Ppl wabt minimum wage employess to put in the same amount of effort as they are in the event they ctually come into the stor meanwhile they are paid $100k/yr salary while employees make less thn 20$ an hour. very out of touch with the reality their employees face everyday. And the franchise owners are shady and do shady things to their employees. All store level managment are amazing ppl and i loved working with them.

Points positifs

Good store managment, uunionized

Points négatifs

Poor ownership, poor corporate management, out of touch corportate, makes employees jobs harder, unrealistic expectations, from corporate, and owner
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Pretty cool for the first job.

Pretty nice job for students, teenagers while studying, they have suitable hours, I had nice manager who helped me, so it wasn't tough at all, only one thing that i had trouble with was codes.
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Productive and good workplace

I joined No Frills about 3 months ago. It's really a very great company . When i started my work, I was nervous but due to friendly staff members i easily get to know how to do work .

Points positifs

Celebrates every function by providing sweets to members

Points négatifs

Not any cons
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Toxic work environment

Depending on the location/management. Very toxic work environment. Employee favoritism is very rampant, front end workers are treated differently than back of the house. I would not recommend this job to anyone.
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Great First Job

I would recommend this job to any student or teenager looking for a first job or an easy job to do while going to school. Very simple job, and you learn a lot about customer service, communication skills and working autonomously and with others.

Points positifs

Weekly Pay, Great environment, easy to learn

Points négatifs

Learning Codes, No discounts or free bags
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Great place to meet new people, no room for growth.

Lots of staff are very helpful, still many are not.Toxic workplace culture starting with upper management, very little incentive to go above and beyond.I learned how to manage people by being a positive influence, positive attitude and always leading by example.Workloads are unreasonable most of the time, not enough labor to get the job done.Most enjoyable part of my job was the people i worked with and the customers i served in the community. Great place to meet people.
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Un ambiente libre y seguro

Un ambiente agradable y libre de diez oras omas de trabajo con un buen seguro médico

Points positifs

Con un buen seguro medico

Points négatifs

Una ora de descanso
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Relaxed part-time job

Great work place if your looking for a fun slow paced part time job. If your looking for something to pay bills this will not be it. But as a young person doing school, this is the perfect job.
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Its good for part-time as a student

I used to work 20 hours a week, and its a pretty good experience to know people. Its a good train as a beginner in the workplace. The workplace culture is multiple, and people are nice to work with. the con is really low pay, Minimum wage that I started from 12/hr to 14/hr from the years passed.
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Enjoyable place to work

Fairly relaxed work environment to be in, not too intense when it comes to duties. Managers and co-workers are competent when it comes to doing their job.

Points positifs

Not too intense Managers always treat us to coffee Be able to learn the various aspects of the job

Points négatifs

Saturdays can be very stressful at times, Other departments managers can be demeaning, Underperforming co-workers can be challenging to work with since they slow down your progress
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