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Quel est laspect le plus stressant dans le fait de travailler dans lentreprise?

11 réponses

  • My manager was very harsh, and made me feel uncomfortable coming into work

  • Union fees my pay checks were weird some weeks feeling underpaid at times

  • It's not stressful, but it can be a bad environment to be in.

  • The super busy days orwhen people are a no show for their shifts.

  • For night shift employees having to sometimes do the day shift crews job for them before the store opens in the morning. Which most cases you only have 1 hour or less to do.

  • Questions associées (plus de réponses ci-dessous) :

  • Often times the hours are not as flexible as you may wish.

  • During weekends due to a lot of customers and price matching it can be crowded and stressful.

  • Customers or coworkers who are rude or yell. I am very sensitive so that bothers me

  • Produce quality

  • When it gets busy it is hard to keep on top of things like the cleaning list and putting returns back, however we constantly work together so that problem is handled efficiently.

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