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How many hours a week is the shelf stocker part time? Thanks.

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  • Everyone is part time I was part time 36 a week. Most people used to be about that.

  • As many as they need you for or that you are capable of. Typically anything from 5-40 hours, average of probably 20, give or take 5, for the majority of part time employees. This will obviously depend on the store, your department, if all positions are filled, who arranged the scheduling, and favourability of the employee (they give better workers more hours obviously). It can also change week to week, especially for newer employees. Some people stay in one department and work the same shifts, others have a general idea of the days their needed, but won’t know until a couple days before the next scheduled week starts.

  • Generally about 15-20

  • For the night shift that I know of if you work hard enough you'll make 40 hours (but you're still considered part time). But the average is 24 to 32 hours a week. If you're looking for day shift you'll most likely be making less than 20 hours a week. Average 10 to 15 hours a week. Lucky if you get anything from 20 to 25 hours.

  • Part time hours are from 10-24 hours

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  • How many hours a week is the shelf stocker part time? Thanks.