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Comment décririez-vous le rythme de travail chez No Frills?

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  • Poor culture. Owners are clearly trained to be know it alls and even bullies, many owners appear to not wish to follow their obligated contract law with the union or even your Provincial human rights laws. You are joining a union shop and have rights that they wish to outright disrespect and keep you uninformed of as much as possible.

    That does not make for a good workplace culture at all.

  • Moderate. Sometimes you could take your time and make the store look nice and sometimes the manager would tell you to work faster to meet the goal.

  • Very normal pace

  • Its very lenient and they don't pressure you.

  • No frills is very busy (long lines, many returns)

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  • Most weekends were fairly busy, but normally dies down in the evening.

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