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Cariste (Saint-Augustin, QC)
le 28 janvier 2020
Très bien en général
Bonne horaire Avantage sociaux excellent Environnement saint
Driver (Barrie, ON)
le 8 septembre 2021
Good Place to Work, Until it’s Not
If you like driving all day, and don’t mind smelling like a rubber factory when you come home, this may be the job for you!NTD is generally a good-ish place to work. Co-workers are laid back and friendly. The pay is half decent, as far as delivery jobs go. The benefits and RRSP plans are pretty average. Employees get great discounts for up to five sets of tires a year.The work culture was great when I started out. There were barbecues, pizza parties, truck rodeos, free coffee, swag giveaways etc. By the time I left most of that stuff wasn’t happening nearly as often, I’m assuming the bean counters in head office had something to do with that.The work is pretty straight forward. Load up your truck with tires, follow an assigned route and make your deliveries. In between delivery runs drivers are expected to help with warehouse duties, such as sweeping or helping unload trailers. Most drivers shirk these duties however and get away with it.The trucks and vans you get to drive are well maintained. Depending on what warehouse you work at you may be lucky and have a truck assigned to you. Driving conditions can be hazardous during the winter, although management will pull drivers off the road if the conditions are deemed unsafe to drive in. NTD does put a big emphasis on safe driving habits, your habits will be reviewed monthly by your peers. Winter tire season is the busiest season for the tire industry. If you’re lucky you may be able to make some overtime, although by the time I left OT was tightly controlled and not as plentiful as it used to be, due to head office interference. The busy season begins usually early October, spikes during the first snowfall, and dies off around Christmas. January-March is the slowest time of the year, and most likely when layoffs will occur. Spring can get a little busy, but nothing like the insanity you experience during the fall.Management is alright. They’re very understanding and laid back if you need time off. They allow you to work independently and aren’t slave drivers. When I first started they would take you out to any restaurant you wanted for your birthday and buy you lunch, but again as time went on that disappeared.My biggest gripe with NTD is corporate/head office. They cannot be trusted and do more to serve themselves than their employees. A great work culture was slowly eroded away over time. They claim there is room to move up, but only if you’re one of the lucky ones to survive a layoff. Very poor job security, no matter how much they claim to care about employees, corporate considers you expendable. Be weary if you get a great raise or bonus, you might become a target for liquidation.In short, NTD is one of the better driver jobs you can get for someone looking for a delivery job and doesn’t have a DZ. Many of the perks are disappearing but at least the company values safety. Just don’t get invested in NTD, because you could be left jobless at the drop of a hat.
Warehouse Associate (Edmonton, AB)
le 13 juillet 2021
Can be fun, challenging, great people, very poor advancement opportunities
Great and friendly people to work with, the job is very physical and if you prove yourself job security can be pretty good, assuming the company doesn't make the mistake of laying off half the employees again like when 2020 hit. Management on the warehouse level is overall pretty good and respond to safety concerns well, however they seem to be hampered by upper management, with a seeming inability to give out raises, and promotions are almost nonexistent unless you're lucky or have a degree. Expect that if you work hard at your position, you'll stay in the exact same place indefinitely.The winter rush is where the money is, overtime is generally expected. Can be extremely stressful at times, especially on evening shift. The comradery is real during these times.With wages, I was hired on as a temp at $17, when I was full on hired I made $17.50 with a $.70 shift premium for evening shift. Upon going to days I lost my premium, and in 2020 we received a "wage adjustment" up to $18.36 an hour. I received no discretionary raises. There is as of relatively recently a warehouse wide bonus which is dependent on whether the trucks go out on time.Overall NTD is a decent place to work, with lots of good people and plenty to learn if you're keen and insistent, however things fall flat in the long term, which has led to a hemorrhaging of some of the best people, which is a trend I expect to continue unless things drastically change.
Human Business Partner (Burlington, ON)
le 11 mars 2021
Fun and engaging place to work with great people
NTD has been a place where I have been able to grow and develop as a person and as a Leader. I have been supported by my boss and by my peers. I have received multiple promotions and offered many opportunities to learn. My team is strong and dedicated and we have a culture of inclusivity where I am heard, supported and respected. NTD provides support to Canadian communities through local tire donations and truck delivery services. NTD has been named the Top Employer of Hamilton- Niagara 2 years in a row and a Burlington Business of Excellence award winner.
Driver (Calgary, AB)
le 5 mars 2021
Great fellow employees
No advancement managment are on witch hunts they set you up to fail write employees up for nothing and use it against you H.R. refuse to do anything about it dont apply here its not worth your mental health

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