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No longer required to be a citizen due to changes made a permanent resident now may qualify as many citizens are not interested in military service.
Réponse du 14 mai 2017
Yes you must be Canadian.
Réponse du 11 mai 2017
AreQ#1 Are you physically fit and mentally prepared for the army qualification course?Q#2 Are you medical free from any concerns about your health? Q#3 what is your future career with us?
Réponse du 21 avril 2017
Varies, i got lucky and knew someone who knew the recruiter so i got in quick, however if you don't and the trade you're applying for is highly competitive then it can take upwards of a year.
Réponse du 6 avril 2017
The military is very specific and unique. basic training will program you to adapt to the culture...the culture of the Green Machine. Very demanding and yet very satisfying.
Réponse du 24 mars 2017
At 17 years of age in late 1990, I entered the recruitment office in Montreal with parental consent while wearing old school 14 hole Doc Martens, and Punk hairdo and an old leather jacket with misfits patches sown in.... The attending Sergeant simply stated "Infantry!!" at the sight of that Lol.... Six years later, I walked the streets anew as a Civilian a bit wiser, and infinitely more jaded on the mechanics of Life (especially with the memories of a few tours overseas)… Joking aside, clean & respectable attire is recommended.
Réponse du 24 mars 2017
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