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Can you join if you have a criminal record?

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Yes. If you have a conviction under the Criminal Code of Canada or the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, you may still apply to the Forces, as long as you have served your sentence and no longer have any legal obligations. --- SAYS right on their website.. o.o

Yes you can join with a criminal record as long as you dont have a weapons ban. They dont care what youve done they mould you into a soldier and if they cant you will be gone before BMQ is done.

Heck no. Because already you are screwed.

There is nothing to say you can not enter the Cdn. Forces with a record. They may require a pardon or further scrutiny may be involved. A criminal record may limit the work you are allowed to do AND the MOC(military occupation code) you are permitted to join. Veteran

You can apply and be processed with a record.
It depends on how long ago you were criminally involved.

If you are on probation parole or in court then youll be denied but otherwise youll get processed but youll need to wait longer for further steps involved

Can not go in

I am not sure but one thing I know is that in order to join they do an extensive check for you including any use of drugs or criminal activities. I had a clean criminal record and never used drugs before and my process still took about eight months to complete.

I believe one cannot join the Service with a criminal record

No. Must have a clean record

The Canadian armed forces perform a background check to all individuals.

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