M. Lube
Mr. Lube
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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez M. Lube?

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Either really slow or super fast paced depending on locations. If your in a slow store expect your hours to be cut with out notice. The managers worry about making sure they get hours. Company doesn't care if you have rent or other bills to pay unless your management.

Every clean and good people to work with

Very team oriented, even though you earn commissions on top of your base wage. Everyone wanted everyone to succeed. Management was always checking in to ensure you were happy and comfortable

My location was somewhat fast paced, during the week was pretty slow.
You get the rude customers here and there also but try not to let it ruin your day.

I had good managers and co workers, it was the area managers (the guys above the shop manager) who were just absolutely horrible. Very rude, unfriendly people who think they're bigger and better than everyone. I hope you don't have that experience like I did.

Very fast passed, and friendly

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