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What's the moral amongst your front line employees?

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Athletic for the members ,pathetic for the staff. Upper management are convinced that only they are superior and that all staff needs spying on and being kept down they are also very jealous and love to embarrass and find fault with staff talk and laugh behind their backs and in many cases un nerve them makes them feel superior but actually makes them look very insecure and schopathic. They would rather fail their way than succeeded your way ! Stay away you will only get damaged waste time and money .

Very very poor the company treats it front line staff horribly while putting on a totally fake show how the management came to clubs to do custodians jobs . I don’t recommend wasting your time there no money no ladder to climb and 0 long term stability only un due stress

This company treats its employees so awful dirty tricks,bulling,confidentially is never up held by managers or hr ,manager like to find out your personal affairs so they can find weak points to exploit you , it’s overdue for a Union!.Makes staff buy overprice clothing ,pay for first aid and cpr ,background checks , no workers comp . The business model is a joke ,all employees are expendable next next next next

Every one sees the waste of resources wages projects that take away from members enjoyment ,everyones looking for a job

Very poor . Most staff are looking for jobs because of awful management both branch and head office and company polices which they created hurt memberships and mega staff turnover

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