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What does employee retention look like to the movati exec/management team? Is it a success if your employee last 6 months, 12 months, 2 yrs, 10 yrs?

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This company claims its demographics and proximity to university for it huge staff turnover . The real reason for the turn over is very poor rude uneducated management who make life difficult and exploit you in many ways and bullies and belittles staff for the slightest reason depending on their mood .Pay for front desk staff is around minimum and yes paid bonus pizza once in a while . A recient example of rude treatment was one of our co worker had a head office national manager snap his fingers at them to do a task ,not cool,very rude

With lots of part time postings it is success if they make it over the 2 year mark. For full time and management staff it is over 5 years.

Worst employee retention I have ever seen ,management does not train staff they get staff to train staff 1 because they don’t understand the job and 2 they are super lazy most of us know not to put much time and effort in training because they may be our replacement or the newbee will get fired it a complete joke . The company’s standard line for it huge staff turnover is it demographics or close proximity to universities and staff move on ,not true it the terrible way this company treats its employees , in my opinion any over the top good reviews were created by management .

Employee retention is good for this industry.

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