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Vos supérieurs sont-ils facilement abordables chez MOVATI Athletic?

6 réponses

  • Put head office Vice Presidents national and regional plus gms and managers of clubs on performance improvement plan they need it

  • The management are I like a pack of coyotes picking on staff perceived weakness or strength that threaten their status quo,talk behind staffs back ,start rumours about staff and gossip confidential material to members staff head office and branch management . Blame game is practiced by the management business model truly horrific work environment

  • Most managment that are hired at branch and upper levels exhibit some of the worst characteristics you will find ,it’s in their nature no training will cure this the only cure would be a union

  • Improve Management Compassion, Methodology, Training. Stop firing people for no and stupid reason. Very sad

  • This company would benefit from a UNION . The head office management would think this was a terrible idea but it actually it would save the company money the staff would be less fearful ,happier ,like coming to work and the managers would not be able to play favourites,pick on staff, staff turn over would decrease saving the company MONEY, litigation would be diminished ,vacations would available to all not just management and staff/ custodians could have a legal coffee break eliminating the managers spying on and harassing them,leading them to quit

  • Listen more to their concerns, and pay attention to the hard work that they do.

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