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Si vous deviez quitter MOVATI Athletic, quelle en serait la raison?

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Management, it's proven fact most management for this company is terrible and it's true. They push you to a whole different level and not in a way to help you grow in the work place. They find everything to point out that doesn't seem "professional" and if you have any complaints they are famous for spewing the movati policy's and avoiding the complaint if that doesn't work then they immediately turn the table and say "well this is what you have done" or state your taking it wrong when an employee is uncomfortable and upset they are allowed to be and as a manager it is your job to investigate even it's something dumb to you. that could also last for several months and the same accusations being brought up during work time and later the day on your own personal time which results in extreme stress, your also not allowed to defend your self either. I recommend a high management review that doesn't result in writing on a piece of paper or fake meet ups, they play dirty tricks I recommend head up does the same to really see who they have representing there company. The job is highly unsafe keep in mind if you get Injured you can be permanently damaged and they will still make you work. One situation I've encountered is chemical mixing. Management was made aware of this situation it was never spoken about again or any review in retraining in WHIMIS.

This company could have had many more members and better,retention at all the locations if they treated their staff kindly and with sincere not phoney respect and using dirt tricks,bulling,rumour starting,promoting dubious individual to positions where they exercise selective control on staff for their own personal gains .Member see and hear how the staff are treated and most don’t like it ,they not stupid many have assisted staff get good jobs at the company’s they work at .Its very unfortunate that this company has this business model and blows away good staff and is constantly hiring and firing and blaming the high turnover as demographics

Managers rule by intimidation and fear dirty tricks ultra micromanage and love to blame and criticize for the slightest thing set up some staff to fail this I believe is encourage by the company senior management . The senior management has a revolving door policy to staff next next they don’t care

UNION REQUIRED .Head office to branch managers have huge egos bombastic insincere uneducated and super unproductive disorganized very lazy and devious ,set you up to fail if stick up for yourself and thenthey don’t like you.Most of the best self starting staff have quit or are looking for jobs because managers are impossible to work with the employee turn over is huge as a result

The pay is fairly low compared to other companies. Excellent employees should be paid more, overall.

There management treats employees unfairly

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