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Quelles sont les étapes du processus de recrutement chez MOVATI Athletic?

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  • Came on time but I was kept waiting about 45 min it was like the managers forgot the interview which was a huge red flag. The interview was chaotic but I answered all the questions until they asked what kind of car or truck did I drive and did you maintain insurance on it and was it commercial insurance . I told the interviewer and another manager my vehicle was a gmc pick up, the interviewer smiled and said they would contact me they did and offered me the maintenance technicians position . After working there a short while they constantly had me move equipment in my truck pick up supplies taxi staff move old weights and heavy objects to clubs sometimes long distances between clubs I got no compensation so I left the truck at home and drove a small car till I got a better job . I don’t recommend this place

  • Unengaging. It can take weeks to find out if you move from one interview to the next and longer to find out if you get the job. Questions feel made up on the spot, structure of the interview is setup for maximum intimidation.

  • Interview was fine how ever HR is completely disorganized and called me in 3 times to go over the same thing she went over the first time. That was annoying.

  • The interview process is quite long a few in person interviews and a few phone interviews

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