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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez MOVATI Athletic?

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Horrible management at all levels . Only work there if you want to have an experience that will cause you to go back to school .Have a date of starting and a date of leaving ,trying to make this company in to a career is madness .Buy the way this company does not give references to other companies so if you stay you have a hard time getting another job ,awful.

Do yourself a favour stay far far away from the private or corporate owned fitness industry period ( AKA its a racket not an industry)You will have poor pay constant bulling no stability and definitely not a career and be poor and emotional and physically drained . From what I have seen the fitness industry attracts very poor quality people for management and leadership roles that are very erratic and narcissistic self serving and deceitful . If you are still determined to get in to the fitness business go to a government affiliated ones universities,hospitals,schools,colleges that have benefits ,workman’s comp ,fair treatment of staff

Horrible walking on eggshells work environment no matter how hard you work you get criticized by the management which does nothing to keep members and lost potential walkin traffic ,all they care about what affects there time off and do the least physical work possible and stay in the office you get criticized and belittled and bullied in front of staff and members totally unprofessional .Stay away it cost you money to work there and there is no workman compensation.

Very bad honestly, they will critique you for not doing something. Then for doing the same thing they ask you to do. For exemple: make more call, you make call You will get criticized for not doing the vaccum (that was done the day before)You do the vaccum because it’s really dirty. Get criticized for not doing enough call... its not about comon sence. They expect you to make a certain number of call, but forget that not all client take the same time. To tour or close.

DO Your self a favor and DO NOT apply for a job in this place. Culture is terrible along with a back stabbing managers which you won’t get any support from.

No workman’s compensation period this company does not pay workman’s compensation and has nothing in place if you get hurt you have to take them to court . Movati is considered a low risk industry and you will be working with cleaning and pool chemicals heavy weights slippery floors moving equipment furniture ladders powered equipment hot water that why they are considered a low risk industry ,say what !Branch management is rude narcissistic condescending lazy and constantly comes in late leaves early unqualified for their roles total toxic work environment resulting in a mega huge turn over of staff. Manages have spies cleaners front deskstaff and trainers that report on people they don’t like .Managers are alway getting you to do their jobs while they sit in the office gossiping talking trash about members or staff . The Managers out number the hard working staff most day if they are away more work gets done that when they are all in micro managing and enjoying making people jump. Manager take little notice of safety concerns until something happens and then they blame you and denied you mentioned it ,so everything surrounding safety has to be sent to them by email so you can prove it when you have email and the date previous. Another technique we all notice about the management team is how unapproachable they are ,if you have a concern they may address it or not but then they give you more tasks as pay back, to discourage you coming to them again.The job could be great if were not for lazy narcissistic un qualified managers and movati would have more members as the regular member s make cynical jokes of the manager behaviour and all members hear it .My advise to the executives and share holders of Movati would be to do a under cover time study of your bloated managers both branch and head office and review their roles productivity qualifications and prior experience in the role they play and hire only leaders to assist and enspire staff and break the toxic work environment you have now with the management off loading their work and doing little as possible till they lean the president or ceo are coming then and only then do they do any work and tidy their office!

To be very frank, you will find better management working at a fast food place than at Movati! It's shocking how difficult it is to get them to respond to an issue, in addition to the terrible lack of communication among themselves.

Bad culture full of politics

It seems like a good place at first but is very toxic once you step in. Gossiping and backstabbing seems does happen.

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