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Comment bien se préparer pour un entretien chez MOVATI Athletic?

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The best way to get hired in a maintenance tech job is to have a truck the managers will love it and make you way ahead of a candidate who drives a car . You will likely get questioned if you have insurance to cover commercial use of your truck so if you get in an accident the company won’t be liable

Call the day of the interview confirming time and location to make sure hr and management has not forgot your are coming in for the interview and the location which happens and then you wait for long periods while they locate a manager to do the interview . Doing this make you look super eager which will impress them greatly

They will make you wait a lot. But be happy and motivated and you will probably get it

Be prepared, organized and happy :)

Group instructor is super super casual (way too casual) so be prepared to teach a class with lots of people and management watching. PT is typical.

Be prepared to wait 20-30 mins.

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