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29 questions

Horrible management at all levels . Only work there if you want to have an experience that will cause you to go back to school .Have a date of starting and a date of leaving ,trying to make this company in to a career is madness .Buy the way this company does not give references to other companies so if you stay you have a hard time getting another job ,awful.

Réponse du 8 octobre 2019

Yes you pay for criminal background check and pay for cpr ,first aid ,over priced uniform ,it cost you money and extra time to work there nothing is payed for

Réponse du 1 décembre 2018

Management, it's proven fact most management for this company is terrible and it's true. They push you to a whole different level and not in a way to help you grow in the work place. They find everything to point out that doesn't seem "professional" and if you have any complaints they are famous for spewing the movati policy's and avoiding the complaint if that doesn't work then they immediately turn the table and say "well this is what you have done" or state your taking it wrong when an employee is uncomfortable and upset they are allowed to be and as a manager it is your job to investigate even it's something dumb to you. that could also last for several months and the same accusations being brought up during work time and later the day on your own personal time which results in extreme stress, your also not allowed to defend your self either. I recommend a high management review that doesn't result in writing on a piece of paper or fake meet ups, they play dirty tricks I recommend head up does the same to really see who they have representing there company. The job is highly unsafe keep in mind if you get Injured you can be permanently damaged and they will still make you work. One situation I've encountered is chemical mixing. Management was made aware of this situation it was never spoken about again or any review in retraining in WHIMIS.

Réponse du 6 juin 2019

Put head office Vice Presidents national and regional plus gms and managers of clubs on performance improvement plan they need it

Réponse du 10 mars 2019

The best way to get hired in a maintenance tech job is to have a truck the managers will love it and make you way ahead of a candidate who drives a car . You will likely get questioned if you have insurance to cover commercial use of your truck so if you get in an accident the company won’t be liable

Réponse du 31 mars 2019

Athletic for the members ,pathetic for the staff. Upper management are convinced that only they are superior and that all staff needs spying on and being kept down they are also very jealous and love to embarrass and find fault with staff talk and laugh behind their backs and in many cases un nerve them makes them feel superior but actually makes them look very insecure and schopathic. They would rather fail their way than succeeded your way ! Stay away you will only get damaged waste time and money .

Réponse du 3 mai 2019

This company claims its demographics and proximity to university for it huge staff turnover . The real reason for the turn over is very poor rude uneducated management who make life difficult and exploit you in many ways and bullies and belittles staff for the slightest reason depending on their mood .Pay for front desk staff is around minimum and yes paid bonus pizza once in a while . A recient example of rude treatment was one of our co worker had a head office national manager snap his fingers at them to do a task ,not cool,very rude

Réponse du 15 mars 2019

Keep putting clubs in the Toronto gta area ,and keep doing what your doing its working very well or is it .

Réponse du 1 mai 2019

I applied, but also searched LinkedIn and found a connection who helped me with finding the hiring manager.

Réponse du 5 août 2020
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