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Comment décririez-vous l’ambiance de travail chez Mount Royal University?

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Very flexible. I found it very welcoming.

Toxic. Departments are silos unto the University so if you get into a bad one, good luck because there is no help. I guess as an institution the focus is on the students but in my department they did not speak highly of the students. One department went through a human rights battle between staff. They have some growing to do. Policy and legislation does not seem to hold the authority that it should. The general saying amongst senior staff was that post secondary demands certain political games to be played and that they were “breathing the blue air” - equivalent to drinking the koolaid (except they meant it as a job requirement). This says a lot about the culture. I would expect senior management at the University to be better than this and value individual contributions with ethics.

In a word - toxic. Some departments are better than others. Career Service is highly toxic wherein you are punished for any opinion that differs from management. They ask you what you think then yell at you if you are tactful but honest. They buy a coffee maker for staff to give themselves a pat on the back while they are abusive to staff. It felt like Alice in Wonderland where fact was fiction and down was up. Management called it “breathing the blue air” but I call it unethical and soul crushing work. I was told that I had to give away my password and account access which breaches their security policy. When I spoke up, I was let go. Unreasonable expectations with zero accountability or measurable outcomes. Worst employer I’ve come across.

Everyone is willing to hear each other out and work together.

Mount Royal U strives to apply professional practices in an institutional setting. Great people, diligent. Striving to be the best

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