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3.7Équilibre vie privée/professionnelle

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Lots of training to help you get started and commission based. You will earn good only if you have good contacts to generate leads .

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online training course.. Entirely commission based position and you have to look for leads on your own. Good support team at the back . Lots of online seminars and meet ups

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Good supportive team
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Excellent CEO

Well run and professional organization. Highly recommended. Training is extensive and of good quality. Leadership is dynamic and thoughtfull. Industry is very competative.

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Industry Leader

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Nice place to work at

Flexibility to work at your own pace. Being commisson based, i have learned the value of hard work and excellent customer service skills. Must be able to handle pressure well and have above average organizational and time management skills.
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fun and caring environment

the most enjoyable part of the job is the diversity and meeting different people from different walks of life. I learned that the customer is always right even when they may be wrong
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Finding customers is the key

networking is the way to make money in mortgage . since its your own business you have no limits to making money. the most enjoyable part is you work your own hours.
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Very flexible work hours

This was a great place to work but the lack of advancement in my role and ability to balance life outside of work made it very hard on the family time.
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Workplace culture

As a broker you are left to work on your own, there is support but also very difficult when there really isn't any culture for learning. Working on your own time is great, but you have to be diligent with making sure you plan your day.
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Great work environment

Ability to set own schedule and flexibility to work desired hours. Very hands-on and productive. A goal-driven atmosphere with readily available resources and implementation.
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nice place to work

Nice place to work. Management is very effective and organization is properly structure in order to help employees. I really enjoy working there and very proud of the company
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Very unorganized, the one I worked at was not good with training and would give full time then would remove that from you. I wouldn’t recommend where I was.
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No Help you are on your own to figure it out

No leads.No real help as a new agent. I guess they figure most people came from the bank and already know everything but I didn't. Hard to pay your bills if you work here.
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Productive place with great staff.

Great place to work with friendly staff and management. It's just like a family. Good team work between the departments and good feedaback. Everyone is always willing to help each other.

Points positifs

Flexible Work Hours
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at your own pace

Great Place to work. they have a success grid with tools and aids to assist you in your progress. you progress at your own pace and you get what you put into it.
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Friendly work place

Mortgage Alliance has professional Manager that help to navigate you and teach you the process of originating mortgage. Mortgage Alliance has friendly environment of working. The senior Mortgage associate are always ready to walk you through complicated loan proce
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Horrible and Unprofessional

Worked at head office, it was extremely verbally abusive & unprofessional. Agents don't realize how much money they take from them. Management is rude and miserable. I have never worked in a place where management is always swearing. Management will put you on the spot and embarrass you in front of everyone. There are confidential documents just laying on desks.

Points positifs

Free coffee

Points négatifs

Verbal abuse, unprofessional, horrible compensation and benefits
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Big Network

one of the best softwaire to work with in the industrie. lots of online training tools avialable for ongoing training easy to wrk with , lot of current information avialable through the mobile application
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The interviewer was extremely rude and I was surprised that such a big company doesn't have an HR. The email I had received was extremely rude and unprofessional.
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Productive Workplace

Very good workplace for people to begin at. Mortgage Alliance helps you out with everything from start to finish to make sure everything is done up to compliance.
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working on your own

Being a Broker is knowing how to work independent . Knowing which lenders you can work with and make the dream come true for your client. Time management getting it right to ensure you stay in compliance.
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Great to work with

The position working with client to obtain there new home is awesome...the folks that are in financial situation ...there is a lot pride when you get them back on side and their future is now good.

Points positifs

Client contact and help them with their future

Points négatifs

Turn around time with the banks
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Productive, knowlegeble, and good social experience

I enjoyed working with Mortgage Alliance, It was extremely knowledgeable experience. Mortgage Alliance is a very team driving company. Everyone is treated as family. The most enjoyable part of this job is getting to be your own boss, and that is also the hardest part.Staying focused is the most important part of your day along with routine.

Points positifs

Work from home

Points négatifs

100% Independet work no team support.
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3.7Équilibre vie professionnelle / personnelle
3.3Salaire / avantages sociaux
3.3Sécurité de l'emploi / évolution de carrière
3.6Culture d'entreprise

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