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I have a a final interview tomorrow and i would like to know if thepros are more than the cons to work as a customer care representative

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The cons (they are the cons) far outweigh the pros. However, if you are looking for a "fast-paced" environment with a rigourous workload as a means of gaining experience, and if you can hold your nose long enough, I would recommend Morneau-$hepell positively for this reason alone, Get good experience and get out.

Réponse du - Conseiller Clinique (Former Employee) - Montreal West, QC

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CCRs are the first voice our clients hear. We are expected to be professional while clients complain about long delays to speak with a counsellor., We provide the lowest cost service despite the fact that it's not what may be best for the client.

Réponse du - Client Care Representative (Current Employee) - Toronto, ON

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Unfortunately the direction the call center is moving; at this time the cons do outweight the pros.

Réponse du - HELPDESK ASSOCIATE TEAM LEAD (Current Employee) - Toronto, ON

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Yes they are.

Réponse du - Responsible Gambling Coordinator (Current Employee) - Toronto, ON

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